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Anyone ever try or get into stand-up comedy? What was your experience like?

Ora_11_11 5 Mar 8

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No but I've done a lot of open mic literature (poetry?) readings. It's a great way to meet the freaks in a town I was passing through, which was all towns, back in the day.


I have stage fright.


Only in the classroom as a high school teacher where I received high marks in the crazy/funny subject and later as a Walmart greeter/de-greeter.


Actually taking my first shot at it Friday. I have a background in acting, forensics/public speaking, music, teaching, and writing, so I'm not too worried about it.

GET IT!!! That's exciting! I'd be interested to hear your thoughts/experiences afterwards. May I ask the venue type? Is it a comedy-geared setting specifically? Open mic? Other?

It's a pretty unique location. It's a bar, they've hosted live comedy and live music before, but only a few times. The thing is- it's attached to a private residence. Basically a full bar, but private property, not commercial property. All are welcome, but unless you know someone, you wouldn't be able to find it.

The event tomorrow is basically "amatuer night" for stand up. We have a few folks who've done standup before so aren't COMPLETELY green. The singer in my band and i got asked to headline the night. Our acoustic duo act is basically short form standup seperated by acoustic versions of 80s new wave and 90s alternative songs. We both agreed to do a straight stand up set as well, just to fill out the night.

I'm not worried or stressed at all. My only concern is the open mic portion of the night failing miserably and driving everyone away.


Daily. I’m a teacher.


No! Not enough balls. Hardest job in show business.


I tried it once. I am a bit of an inept storyteller. But it was fun anyway: people there, listening to every word, waiting for the punchline. It's nice being able to get the attention of others like that. And yes, they did laugh.

It was the standard joke: this guy walks into a bakery. He wants a cake shaped like the letter of his last name: s. It had to have elaborate decoration, curlicues, the whole nine yards.

Day 1: the cake was not up to standards. The baker threw it out and tried again. After about a week of haggling, the cake was perfect.
"Would you, like me to box it up?" the baker said.
"No thanks. I'll eat it here."


Back during my folksinging years, part of our routine was a standup segment, usually as a lead in to our set, but occasionally as a standalone. Most of the time it worked pretty well, sometimes exceptionally well, and a few times we had to live with the egg we laid. It was much like everything else in life -- fortunately more ups than downs.


I gave it a go, once. I stood up and everyone laughed at me. I didn't know how to handle that, so I sat back down.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


I have really thought about trying it.

I am pretty interested in hearing answers to the same questions.

Yeah! From what I hear from people who've broken out into the scene (including super famous comics like Bill Burr--who I LOVE), it's almost always brutal at first because you have so much to get established (pacing, recovery, reading your audience, etc.) and it all takes practice, but it sounds like it could be well worth the brutal period. I'm looking for advice on surviving that, haha.

My step-son is an atheist in the USAF stationed in Hawaii. He giving comedy a go out there. I have been reading with interest when he posts about it.


My musical theater act Tales sold best as a comedy act and, even as a history or topical act, it was always better recieved with some humor injected here and there.

I'm not sure it would be classified as stand up...I just know I was standing up when I was performing.



No but I befriended Jay Leno when we were both college students. His first audience was in strip clubs in Boston in between performances.

The Combat Zone!

Yes-its mostly gone now-think it was The Teddy Bear Lounge near the Playboy Club.


I was never really any good at stand-up comedy however sit down comedy I excel at

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