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Jerry Falwell suggests Trump is owed two more years as president due to Mueller "witch hunt." Falwell supports it as a form of reparation.

Can you believe this sh!+?

Just the thought of this is frightening!

I wouldn't be surprised if my prediction of trump asking Congress to grant him a third term as president came true. My fear is that trump will be re-elected into office. And while in office, he will try to illegally petition to serve a third term.

Something tells me this is the beginning of the nightmare I fear.


SleeplessInTexas 8 May 7

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I do think he'll try to stay in office beyond his time to be there. I don't think he'll ask Congress if he can do it, but somehow rely on the apparent pro-Trump Supreme Court to keep himself in office, probably with backing from factions within the military.

SCOTUS can and has made bad calls with some rationalization that at least seemed reasonable to some at the time, i.e. the decision for the 2000 election between Gore and Bush, essentially saying they were out of time. But if this happens, I don't think much of an attempt to mask the reasons will be made by pro-Trump Justices on the Court.


Twits on Twitter... I expect nothing less from a platform that encourages the lowest common denominator of human thought and communication.

also, by paying attention to his words we are feeding the troll and giving his words more substances than they deserve. Just saying....


I'd say I was surprised except it came from Falwell. He is a total idiot, so I'm not surprised.


Falwell was a clown decades ago and so is his son. And Trump thinks he's owed overtime? Let's just account for all those golf vacations he's taken and call it even.


Now we know that religion in this country is Fascists lead and based on pure immorality and wholly unethical tax free environment we are paying for!

When the so called religious leaders support an amoral sociopathic psychotic Misogynistic Fascist criminal and his elected cohorts!

Religious leaders along with trump and his republican Fascists cohorts are being Pimped wholesale by the wealthy and their corporations!


How would that be fair? Why should any president receive reparations for being investigated, even if found innocent? If anything, the current state of the economy was a direct result of having a president who couldn't really do anything, thus allowing time for things to stabilize.


Falwell is just like his father -- a mean-spirited religious demagogue who willfully and deceitfully co-mingles politics and religion , trying to force his false and immoral view on us.

Amen and hallelujah


Trumpy is owed 2 years, plus 2020 years, raking leaves in National Forests!

That would be far too kind to the reprobate.


I laugh to keep from crying....that there is actually this kind of mind set out there, and that it has a following.....and that we have a President that would welcome it, and pro pound it, and the chance that we have a congress that might, just might support it in order to maintain power for those that buy them. ....ha ha ha ha ha ha 😭😭😭😭



He probably WILL be re-elected. Remember I said that, when it happens.

Just stop meanie. I shudder at the possibility.

@Bigwavedave the Dems do not have a charismatic candidate and are not any good at getting out the vote. Much as I detest the idea, he probably will get a second term. I hope I am wrong.


This is human history repeating itself. Real democracy has only been a blink of an eye.


I'm more worried about him not standing down when he loses in 2020 😵


falwell is a bootlicker, a toady. what do you expect from him. his suggestion of two more years for Trump is frightening. if Trump by any chance wins in 2020 I wouldn't be surprised to see him equate himself with FDR as deserving of more than two terms.


With Nancy Pelosi calling for conservatism in the Democratic party, it might not matter who is president. 3rd parties are demonized, so we're stuck with either corporatist Washington puts before us.


I personally do not believe this will happen.


I don’t even pay attention to it anymore.
It’s all just pillow talk.


The constitution be damned. Falwell would rather a theist state - with Abrahanic law, which, his stupid follows don't get, is similar to Sharia (both Abrahanic)


What Bullshit Falwell is a nasty lying piece of shit


I left Lynchburg va because of this family. They are poison.

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