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It’s appropriate on so many levels that both Liberty and Justice are portrayed as women in our culture.

HippieChick58 9 May 20

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'Liberty' was the most common image on U.S. coins, from the 1790s, through the nineteenth-century. The French painter, Eugene Delacroix, used her as his inspiration for "Liberty Leading the People". Another Frenchman felt inspired to feature her in his famous "Statue of Liberty". It's only when we hit the twentieth-century, that the U.S. Mint began replacing her image with that of dead Presidents! Also, the 'Indian Cent' featured 'Liberty' (in an eagle-feather headdress).


How apropos...


The most appropriate image of our time

MizJ Level 7 May 20, 2019

Given half a chance, Republican politicians would oppress us all.

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