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To my mind, Fox News is a bigger threat to us all than even drumpy, as he would not be so slavishly legitimitized if it were Not for Fox.
How about boycotting any & all products advertising on Fox? Something we can all do, plus message the advertisers telling them what you/we are doing, and why!
Money TALKS!

AnneWimsey 9 May 21

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Who but the hopelessly gullible buy something, because they saw it in a television commercial?

You really think advertisers spend Millions for no result?

@AnneWimsey That's because they know the majority of people are hopelessly gullible!


No doubt about that. Nothing is more evil or damaging than purveyors of propaganda. Every fascist communist and dictator starts out using propaganda. At least every one that I can think of. I suppose military dictatorships would be an exception.


I would have to watch FAUX to know who their advertisers are, something I refuse to do.

gearl Level 7 May 21, 2019

You can Google it.....


I actually hate all the news much drama and headline grabbing stuff...and lots of it is not news, but talk show type opinions that are spun depending on the agenda...I find Fox News to be especially egregious in presenting facts in a "different" light that seems so stupid to me..

I prefer to read or find other sources on my not watching any of the shows, I am making my voice heard and my money go elsewhere...

I doubt that I support any of the advertisers of Fox anyway...not my crowd or my market, I suspect...


I love Fox, the only station that tells it like it is.

gater Level 7 May 21, 2019

More like they just tell you what you want to hear...... many silly people in the world......

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