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Thoughts for today:

Life is good. Life is so SO good - depending on what you focus on.

I'll be honest - I dropped the ball over the winter. I stopped meditating and working on shifting my focus to the positive every day. I sank into negativity so quickly.

I'm back on it today. I just sat back and realized the funk I've been in is my own creation, and only I can fix it. I'm in control of my own happiness.

NicThePoet 7 Mar 10

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When you throw yourself into tlrying to sccomplish a goal of real social and moral value, you will forget about the negativity.


Last 12 months have been an eye opener for me health wise, I discovered I am not invincible, bugger. But I have had such a good riun I shouldn't complain. Life is still good, though it better watch itself, there uis a risk of having it's score downgraded.


Change the channel if news is depressing me.

@WickedNikki too...change whatever needs changing...just realize YOU have to make the changes!

Seemed sometimes in the 80s we DID have all the answers!


With ya! Bronchitus, the flu and lupus were not of my making but even so I've got to put some effort into getting back "in the swing".

But I'm a "Dude" too...procrastination can be its own reward!

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