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Is it not possible to search earlier posts? Do we have to begin a new thread every time a subject comes back up?

LimitedLight 7 Mar 10

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Outside of group postings tags can be added to by each new reader of a specific post. Unfortunately few people do. Is that because they are selfish or stupid?

@admin I would like to see tag boxes available within group postings the same as on the main line.

Yes, once we get the kinks out of the post and comment forms, we'll roll it out in more places.

@Admin Preferably the sooner the better to aid in encouraging people to tag. Do you have stats on how many posts are made in groups as opposed to the dozen main line posting categories? I notice that individual group numbers are now in 3 figures and there are overlaps starting to occur.


I would prefer to see posting on same topics made under the first post eg. #Chicken original post may end up with a thousand recipes. However I would suggest that refinement into individual threads of #ChickenRoasted, #ChickenSteamed, #ChickenSoup, #ChickenPanfried, #ChickenTips, #ChickenSalads, #ChickenBBQ, #ChickenBaked and #ChickenSauces at a minimum be individual threads


Consider that a big part of the point of this site is to stimulate discussion. Searching old posts is fine, but for me, if they are quite old, I feel like I have missed the discussion. I can see why most seem inclined to just start anew.

besides that new people are joining all the time and allows others to hop into a convo.


I'm sure most people don't search for a topic and just post their thoughts as I've seen the same link posted by different individuals. I'm okay with that though since I don't have time to read every post.

Yeah I'm guilty of that when I frequently reference people to [] because I know that few know of it let alone have read it. If they had they would not have commented the way they have.


1)Before you make a post select the discuss button.

2)From there select the querry button. It's the little purple square with the white magnifying glass inside located just above the list of posts on the right.

3)You will now see the search window.

4)Next click the include comments box and the search tags only box.

5)Now type a word or phrase in the search field.

6)Then click the purple search button. All related posts from the past will appear.

@admin can we add something like this in FAQ to help people search the post dataset?

I did not know that, thanks for the info

you get the gold star for the day. I didnt know that

This doesn't look at all the same on my android phone as on my windows computer, btw. I see no "discuss" tab on the phone.

@admin Maybe a simply UI change would promote joining discussions more: switch the order of the buttons around.

@MikeInBatonRouge @admin I have not downloaded the apps. They must have a different dashboard. Let's ask admin to include data search instructions to the Apps in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). I just did.

I know I'm using the telephone app but where is the "discuss" button?

@kensmile4u there is also "Non nude sexy pics" for app users.

@FrayedBear I don't use the telephone app so i can't help you. I have already alerted admin to this issue.@admin

On the app, click browse, then posts. From there you can either search for text in posts or click the # button and browse or search for hash tags.

@buzz13 You're welcome

Thank you, Ken.

@LimitedLight You are welcome.

@SeaStar @mikeinbatonrouge @samkerry @frayedbear ... on app, we use the text 'browse' but I might change it to "Meet" if open to dating. I'll think of ways we can make it easier to find/search for similar posts.


Or just start a new thread


@Admin may be able to offer more options but you can search by tags.



Dunno, but I wonder the same thing.


I don't know. Let me ask others in a separate post and get back to you later. 😀

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