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Before I present this question I would like to say I have never seen an object in the sky, night or day that I have not been able to identify and I have never seen any creature unearthly not do I know anyone who has seen either of the above. This leads me to believe we are unique in the galaxy, maybe even the universe, yet I also find it difficult that in this great expanse of existence we are the only intellectually endowed being.
Now the question. Has any one here ever scene either a none terrestrial unidentifiable object or ET type being?

DonaldHRoberts 7 May 28

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In 64 myself and nearly everybody in the housing project witnessed a was cylindrical/cigar in shape and bluegreen in color..about 20ft across and 10ft in the was hovering over a construction company storage yard, perhaps 40ft off the ground..


How would you know?
UFO means Unidentified Flying Object, which of course by definition means of unknown origin.
Many UFO are of perfectly explainable origin, for instance the first reports of "Triangular" UFO corespondent exactly with the development in secret of Stealth Bombers and Stealth fighters, that are of course triangular.
Lots of UFOs with flashing red lights are seen around Airports.
The advent of the flying saucer after WW2 again corespondent with the importing of huge amounts of Axis scientists brought in to the UK, USSR,USA as part of operation paperclip, one of the major Nazi Projects carried on was the so called "Glocken" an attempt to build circular high speed flying machines, that ultimately proved impractical and was dropped in favour of the Jet engine.
Even if we accept that there are alien craft, Alien need not mean extra terrestrial, (after all Alien just means not local) if you are willing to accept alien means from another planet, why not another dimension, a quantum variant, another time, or an as yet undiscovered superior race of humans (Wakanda forever!)
If we are alone in the universe is that because we are the first plant to evolve sentient life? Is it because we are the only planet capable? or are we the Last planet to survive evolving sentient life?

It is an interesting idea to ponder, but until evidence is available is can be nothing more than that, an idea. Though I am attracted by the idea that what our ancestors mistook for gods were in fact "Aliens" of one form or another


When I lived in Colorado, it was common for Wyoming National Guard helicopters to crash in the Colorado Rockies. So, if something mysterious crashes in your neighborhood, grab your flashlight, and look for the letters WANG on the fuselage!


Haven't seen any proof, but who knows if anyone will show up one day. If so, probably not in our lifetimes or even the next millennium. If and until then it's just speculation, or a really good Star Trek episode.


i have seen a very bright bipedal human like thing but i don't know what it really was


I think it is unlikely that we are the only "intelligent" beings in the universe but judging by our current behaviour we make the planet uninhabitable soon There may have been civilisations much more advanced than us that have come and gone. Also long distance space travel is a feature of science fiction only as any civilisation may be millions of light years away and nothing travels faster than light so it would be a hell of a long journey to get here.


I suppose if they're clever enough to make it all the way here and they don't want to be seen, how can some car keys toting apes like us are supposed to be able to see them?! It must be like the Prime Directive in Star Trek I guess.

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