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We had a hailstorm in Omaha a few hours ago. I think the house came out mostly unscathed. My flowers - not so much.

Ohub 7 May 28

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that is impressive looking lumps of ice - glad you are ok, even if you may need to re-plant the garden


The hail missed me, however I heard about it on the radio. At my office there were some drifts of hail, and the trees/plants looked pretty beat up. I've shoveled hail off my deck before so I'm glad it skipped me this year.

It was bad here - I love close to Methodist so they would have gotten the same mess I think.


Thats some large hailstones! Hope all are doing ok.


The strangest hailstorm I ever experienced was in a small Colorado town, about 25 years ago. I was waiting to make a left-hand turn, and all of a sudden, it started hailing like crazy. But only for a minute or two, and only in that particular intersection! And there wasn't a cloud in sight!


oh no...hopefully they will recover! Stay safe!

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