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I'm done doing messages right to some one. I typoed and i feel very badly. So, i give an apology personally and to the group. I'll keep ny texts to the group only. Best wishes to all.

Beowulfsfriend 8 May 28

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Typos happen


This is the message I received from @Beowulfsfriend. It was unclear. I asked for clarification.

I'm not a "spelling Nazi" or "horrid person." See for yourself:

@Beowulfsfriend: "Please report this post by Conservative Atheists: []

"Sorry to bother. I love to hike, no longer at your level. Anyway, expiencing some tentonitous. Saw the dic. Respect you, and if i may, requesting any advice. Have a good day."

Me: "Your message is unclear. What do you mean by, "Saw the dic"? I couldn't see the post by Conservative Atheists. What do you want advice on?"

@Beowulfsfriend: "Typo the doc or doctor. I mean no offense at all. And, no idea about conservatives, I am a leftist. I am suffering from achilles tendonitous. Just looking for any suggestions from a source i feel is reputable. Again, appologies fir any intrusii"

Me: "I suggest you see a doctor. No reputable medical doctor is willing to diagnose or treat you without seeing you in person."

May 28, 2019 at 10:49am EST


I've typoed before in PM.

I've even sent the wrong message to the wrong person. And at least once it was a flamer....

Anyway.... I wouldn't worry about it. You need to have a sense of humor online.

I know I do.


You know you have to share it now, typos and all. Just think of the points!


Spelling and grammar nazi's should be treated as the trolls they are. Block!

Please don't let them control your enjoyment of the other members of this fo or our enjoyment of your posts. 😟

'Nazi' should be capitalized, and we never, ever, EVER use an apostrophe to pluralize anything.





Your message was unclear. Take a moment to check your writing before pressing send.


Must be the spelling nazi .


What's that all about then ?


I’ve no idea what all that was about! Which group are you referring to ? It sounds like you’re having problems....are you? Best wishes back to you, but that makes it sound like you’re going off somewhere, I hope you’re not.

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