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It doesn't mean the same thing here!

As some of us (Brits) become more interested in US politics I am reminded of my one trip to the USA a few years ago. I was in Boston and some of the locals were interested in the design of our UK banknotes. I mentioned that even though there is a picture of the queen on the note I do like it even though I am a committed republican. I was immediately told: Don't say that around here! It was very nice to then discuss how one word can mean very different things to different people. By the way I am very fond of our American friends and of your lovely country.

Sandster 7 May 29

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Lots of words have different meanings. I was talking with my partners daughter in law and she said her father was a keen skier. I said I was also a keen skier but not very competent. This completely confused her and eventually we talked about something else. I figured out later that to her keen meant good or competent not enthusiastic as I understand the word to mean.
It is also dangerous to make ironic comments as any comment is taken at face value. The USA certainly is an irony free zone.


Oh Sandster, I have an even better story. I lived in USA for many years and managed for years without any serious fauxpas. Towards the end of my last pregnancy, I was with a colleague who said he was just nipping out of the office. He was a gay, which is irrelevant, except big gob here said 'Oh are you going for a fag break' (fag=cigarette in UK slang). I was instantly horrified and flushed bright red! He did a double look then was literally rolled on the ground laughing! I did ask my daughter's teacher for a 'rubber' (eraser) but she just looked at me like I was an idiot.


I'm Aussie and agree. Socialism is another meaning that gets lost over the pond.


Our lovely country may not be around much longer. Got a room I can rent cheap?

Try Airbnb , one of the many imports from your lovely country.

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