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Why do people think something had to happened to me to make me an atheist? The only thing that happened was that I woke up!

GaryR 3 Mar 11

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Why do atheists have to prove that there is no God? Shouldn't people who believe in God have to prove it to us?


I was an atheist just naturally. As soon as I became aware people think there is a god, and I knew what they meant, I disbelieved. At one point I began to attend church and I tried to be a believer, because I wanted what those people claimed to have. But I quickly saw they also didn't have what I didn't have and it didn't take.


I guess they feel that their way is the only viable way. The normal way. We are defects to them. We have "lost our way" lol


You had the God innoculation?


Living in the bible belt, I get that question quite a bit. Luckily I had enough religious exposure to answer their questions honestly. One friend of mine, when told that I was not a churchgoer, said to me, "Well, you do believe in god don't you?" Her next comment to my answer was, ".....but you have three children!" Talk about a deer in headlights, I was speechless, especially knowing that she was a nurse by profession. What am I missing here?


I get that a lot. My daughter's best friend prays for me daily I'm told


Likely because the faith is all they know, so anyone who claims to live without it is unheard of to them. We're a reminder that it is possible to live without religion. A christian family member of mine said "I don't understand how anyone can live life without believing in something greater than themselves" for instance. They assume there is something out there because they personally want there to be something more.


They have to invent that explanation in order to excuse themselves of any duty to listen to what you have to say. They speak FOR you instead of WITH you to keep themselves from feeling ungrounded.


It is beyond their belief that anyone could deny god and still be a good person.They never can answer the question about bad christians except to say they will go to hell and so will you! These people deny logic and proofs. They maintain to ask for proof is somehow a sin in and of itself. Besides it negates the need for faith! They do not acknowledge free will that is without a god of some kind. However all those other faiths besides christians are also going to hell.


Just tell them it was the dawning of the age of enlightenment.

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