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Immigrants Make Britain Great: : :
Carl's excellent response to the insanity of immigrants wanting to change the countries they have come to to flee real insanity.

Jacar 8 May 30

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I didn't bother to look at this. I am in wimpy Canada. No one is allowed to wear their hat in, parliament, in the military, in the police force, employed in a coffee shop where they wear a small cap----- except the Muslims and Sikhs. Just DARE to try that in their area of origin. Try to wear a glengarry, instead of a turban, in a Sikh regiment. Don't like the uniform; don't join- simple.

Ya, ya sure! Aw shit, there I go again, expressing the obvious. Us "xenophobes" are all the same.


So the immigrants to America didn't change the country?.
I haven't watched the video as I wouldn't waste my time listening to racist crap by "Carl" who I presume is failed UKIP MEP candidate Carl Benjamin

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