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As described in Saving Gaia, we should be looking at the planet in terms of Rational Darwinism. Darwinism is obsolete – there are no origins of new species except in the deep Amazon or perhaps wild Siberia. Rather Gaia theory should rule of the day and be our guidepost to judge current events and problems. With this in mind overpopulation of the planet is our most serious and threatening concern and the wanton, irresponsible, fecund reproduction of the Central American countries shouldn't be laid on our doorstep.

Capturing these pathetic people and putting them in overcrowded cages obviously is not the answer. We have to get to the etiology of the sickness: the poverty, religious superstition, ignorance, apathy, drugs and above all the callousness of the ruling juntas. I'd start with undermining and eradicating the power and influence of the Church with its “be fruitful and multiply" mentality. In the meantime spending six billion on the wall is merely a band-aide on a serious hemorrhaging. Much better spent would be making their domestic lives more stable and providing stability gained by education.

Aristopus 7 June 1

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"Darwinism is obsolete"???????!!!!!
Changes in species are observable all around us, all the time.
For one example, grey squirrels here in the Northeast. When I was a kid, 60 years ago, the roadside was littered with dead ones...and this was in the days when 40mph was considered dangerous/reckless! They would see a car approaching & dither around in the road until the car ran them down, sometimes even putting themselves under the wheels despite the best efforts of the driver to avoid them.
Now, very few are killed by cars, despite many more & faster cars. They run straight across a road, no lingering/dithering at all. We have "naturally" selected for non-dithery squirrels.

That's interesting. We can understand why they were confused as no forest animal can run as fast as a car. I'm not sure, but I guess a gene could develop being they're rodents with a brief life cycle. In general the shorter the generation the quicker the genetic changes -- as in bacteria.


It is an undisputed fact that as people become wealthier they have fewer children. Even Italy, the home of Roman Catholicism has a birth rate well below replacement level. So instead of wasting $billions on a stupid wall use the money as foreign aid to help those central American countries raise their standard of living.

That's part of it, that's for sure. But religion is still a factor, as in European Muslim families that are making good money. They believe Allah blesses you for each baby a family brings into the world.


since the crux of your argument is that the money spent building a wall should be redirected to changing the hearts and minds of the mexican people and their rulers - by all means give it a go (I personally think it is unlikely to work) - but by the time you succeed there will already be many many more illegal immigrants come over that uncontrolled border.
When the associated problems start to impact more 'nice middle class neighbourhoods' you can begin demanding more action.

Quite true. Society's problems are not quickly resolved. The powers that be have to start thinking long term. In the meantime I'd use brute force to keep them out using the military. Americans have to do whatever necessary to slow the Latinization of the U.S. Ever see the George Lopez comedy special on HBO? He brags that the country will be over 50% Latino by 2030.

@Aristopus technologically controlling that border is quite a simple drone operation - but would need a rapid interception system

@ShadowAmicus How about this idea. Guaranteed to work? Build a ten-foot fence parallel to the big wall. Say a hundred yards away, the length of a football field. Put up plenty of signs stating NO MAN'S LAND, like in Korea. Then run the drones 30 seconds apart. If a drone sights you in the area, that's it. The idea would save six billion dollars.

@Aristopus that, or some variant of the idea, would work
drones could spot people while still some distance from the border and track their movements. all depends on how secure you need to become


Must mean undiscovered


Can you please specify what you mean by no new origins of species? That's pretty hard to detect considering it takes millions of years.

Surely you'll agree that species are decreasing in number, not increasing with any significance. In my first book Mirror Reversal, I described the plight of the family Trochilidae, hummingbirds. When I was a kid in the '50s there were over 800 species, now less than 400. The reason for this heartbreaking decline was that Victorian ladies created the fashion of wearing a mummified hummingbird in their Easter bonnets. Humans are making a mockery of natural laws.

Speciatioon can be accomplished in just a dozen generations as Darwin showed in his study of Galapagos finches. Once there's a geologic change, like a rew river separting the herd, it can happen relatively quickly.

@Aristopus I enjoyed reading this response. Thank you.

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