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Car driving on water and O2. It’s here

Marcel3405 7 June 1

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Very interesting.

Beign legally blind, I am greatly looking forward to whe level 5 self drivign cars become available.


Advanced fuel cell cool 😎


I'm trying to get a patent for my invention idea that's very identical to this. I once talked to you about it, Sweetheart. "Phone charger."

I'm going to research these guys.

Pretty genius!


So what they seem to have invented is a superior battery ?. Similar inventions come and go, mostly because they do not deliver as promised but they give conspiracy theorists ammunition to attack "big oil" for suppressing competing new technology.


cool... reminds me of how somebody figured out they can vibrate the hydrogen out of water


United Technologies Corporation (UTC) developed the first "fuel cells" 60 years ago, under the control of their Pratt and Witney division. Bet very few people knew that!!
I do, because I worked for their Otis division, and the technology interested me.
Later, the fuel cell division was sold.

My step father who was a mechanic by trade has told me several times that an engine was invented that ran on water but was killed by the government.

@Lucy_Fehr The steam engine runs on water. It still needs an energy input. This fuel cell system still needs to be either recharged or thrown away. Think single use zinc batteries or rechargeable lithium batteries. Energy companies are just that. They sell energy, from whatever source; coal, gas, oil, wind, solar. The real quest is to find ways to store PORTABLE energy. The ultimate quest is to crack nuclear fusion, then make it portable. Every big energy company is searching for ways to get away from fossil fuel.

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