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Just got to say that I know we all agree and disagree on many points but discussion, in the most part, is erudite and respectful.

I get the feed from Quora, I don’t participate, but the site presents some of the dumbest and I’ll-informed questions. In a way it is more disturbing than Fuckburk because at least there you know, generally, those who engage are dumb as duckshit

Thanks for being there. Long may the considered and intellectual debate continue.

Geoffrey51 8 June 1

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Never heard of Quora but if it is so bad why get involved with it ?.

I don’t. I signed up years ago and they send out feeds quite frequently. It used to be quite interesting and there are still a few interesting topics but over the last few months it has become had less intelligent content.

@Geoffrey51 Sure. It can be a problem unsubscribing from some of those sites.


I have noticed too that Quora features a lot of ridiculously stupid questions.


And you are one of our best.

BTW this was just posted on this forum:

@t1nick - prick
Did you ever write anything intelligent?
Kick yer fkn granmar right in you liberazi dirty s-hole
Fix your mind
I went through everything including fucking grandmas for money you are too low down piece of trash takin average white cockmuncher. All I want is to use your face instead of a toilet bowl.”

Do you wanna take back your post? LOL!!

Maybe I should. How do these people get through the day!

Thanks William. Between us we might be able to present the idea that the ‘god’ idea is irrelevant in the long term.

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