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Charlene 9 June 2

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He's a human alpaca, as in..."alpaca" bunch of bullshit into one sentence.


Thanks, Mr. Blender Salesman.


And it makes your hair curl.




Back in "The Age of Aquarius" (OK--I'm old!) was trendy to hire a midwife, have a home birth and then...(hold on to your chair) EAT the placenta....sometimes raw....sometimes cooked.

Is there a vomiting emoji in the house?

Well don't All mammals eat their afterbirth?

@Charlene true

I'd make a casserole. Add a nice salad...

@Donotbelieve. Lucy..please, it's summer.A light placenta salad with black grapes and toasted pine nuts, tossed in a balsamic vinegarette would be lovely.You can serve it with a chilled Spanish Rose'..mmm

@Charlene I beg to differ. A Riesling would be more suitable, but agree on all other points.

@Charlene Not all--mostly land-dwelling ones. It's thought by some that it's about hiding proof of a newborn from predators. And there's a belief that hormones remaining in the placenta help calm mothers. Fine. I still can't imagine doing it.

@Donotbelieve German or California?

@LucyLoohoo don't be a baaby!😂

@Charlene California

@Donotbelieve German Riesling only please, California Riesling are a bit too sweet for me..

@Charlene To be completely forthcoming, I prefer dry, red wines.

Give me a Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz.

You're correct, wine that's too sweet is not the best.

@Charlene I don't eat red meat...especially ORGAN meats! Yuck! I don't object to other people doing it...I just don't, myself. And, since I'm not likely to be making a placenta in near's a moot point! 🙂

@LucyLoohoo's the other white meat!😂😂😂

@Charlene No---it looks more like raw liver! I made one...ONCE! 🙂

@LucyLoohoo Oookay,ooookaaay! geeeez😂😂😂


something new to try

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