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Please someone come and get your stupid president and take him back? I am not being rude and I hate to swear but he's a f**king idiot and is already causing damage. Oh n btw BoJo is an idiot too...he's just a very dangerous one!

Amisja 8 June 3

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Why don't you guys just assassinate him? We really won't be mad at all. We can even give you a 100 billion dollar interest free loan. Make it look like an accident if you want to.


I feel your pain. So sorry. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ


I can definitely agree with you, Trump is an idiot and all for him. Nobody else. If your agaisnt him hes a bastard. Hes both in many ways a genius and totally insane


Love seeing all the protests there! Itโ€™s been trending all day on twitter #TrumpsAnInternationalDisgrace

Dear UK,

We apologize for electing a "stone cold loser." We'll fix it in 2020.



Thank you


He may seem dangerous to you because Englands economy is in the toilet - Americans love Trump!

gater Level 7 June 3, 2019

Seriously? Actually the economy is doing ok and believe it or not, there are many more important things

@Amisja The English should be ashamed of how rudely they treat our president - considering if it wasnt for America, you'd all be speaking German.

@gater Bollox! First of all...this is UK...not England alone. Millions of British people died in WW2 and our gratitude to the US servicemen who supported us nothing..absolutely NOTHING to do with that orange imbecile who didn't serve when called to do so. I have ZERO respect for him and we support our cousins USA. Just not that creature

We do??? Since when???

@gater Knowing the British as I do, you have that wrong. The Germans would have ended up speaking English. Look at all the Germans, Italians, etc in the USA. What language do their children speak?

It didn't take long for the Trumplerites to infiltrate this website!

@davknight Actually, he joined 17 months ago. Just me being pedantic!

@Amisja Whatever - thats about what i should expect from a person from such a backward country that still has a Queen. Why don't you people move into the 21st century?

@gater Actually, @Amisja is an anti-monarchist. Trump thinks he is royalty which is a further reason for her to dislike him.

@Petter Trump thinks he is Royalty??? you know what he thinks now?? You have some magic device to read his thoughts??

@gater You're just biased. His "I'm better than everyone" behaviour betrays his attitude. Obama was a far better specimen of humanity and humility.

I'm an American and I despise Trump. He is a dangerous, stupid man. He is damaging out relations with everyone around the world. He is endangering the lives of Americans.

@gater I have zero interest in the royals! When were you last here?

@itsmedammit oh please - we have the greatest economy in the world, and the lowest unemployment ever, all thanks to Trump.

@gater Anyone can see the tide on unemployment was turned under Obama, unless you have your blinders on.

@gater According to whom? Donald? On the economy, Measured by foreign exchange reserves, China is the indisputable leader, followed by Japan, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and India, The USA ranks twentieth on the world list. To rub salt into the wound, even Mexico has more.
Don't be so willing to believe lies - research the actual numbers. They are NOT "false news".

@gater, @itsmedammit Unemployment lags two to three years behind policies. As this graph indeed shows, Obama set up the policies that slowly turned unemployment around, and which Trump has inherited. As usual he claims the credit for it.

@Petter lol denial is not only a river in Egypt


Didn't he look just like Idi Amin, when he was reviewing the Grenadier Guards? How can they keep a straight face when being "reviewed" by such a flattulent, ignorant moron?

How dare you insult megalomaniacs like Amin by comparing them to Trump!


We were hoping you would keep him. He and BoJo can swap hair stories.
How about MI 5 and a little Russian plutonium?


Go on be generous, let the US have a few days off.


Heโ€™s all your for a few days. ๐Ÿคฎ


We could entice him up to his golf course near Aberdeen and he may get cancer from the noise of those wind turbines off the coast

He's banned isn't he?

@Amisja Banned from where ?. I think he is coming up to Turnberry

@Moravian Scotland


i am he is a useless self serving arragant cunt

@OwlInASack but im so shy

Absolutely perfectly stated!


I understand how you feel. At least he is only visiting your country and not making a mass trying to lead it like he is back here in the U.S. He is an incompetent idiot.


It was both comical, and fitting, when the Guards band struck up the US Air Force anthem: "Off We Go, Into The Wild Blue Yonder".Trump's head is certainly filled with a lot of empty air space! And you never know what Orange Dumbo is going to say next!


It would be interesting if the dignitaries who are forced to deal with him, would treat him based on how they really feel about him.


He caused a Twitter row before he even landed on UK soil, by tweeting about how bad a job Sadiq Khan was doing as Mayor of London, from Airforce1 whilst he was still over the Atlantic! Poor Queenie had to entertain him and Melania to lunch after to have been a fly on the wall !

What he said about whatsherface I thought the ginger prince was gonna thump him!

@Amisja Iโ€™d pay to see that!


We don't want him back! But you could crate him up, and ship him to a zoo somewhere, that is desperately wanting an orange hippopotamus!


Couldn't we club together to buy a remote island somewhere, and set the two of them up as the island's parliament and citizenry, with a constitution that requires elections every month in order to keep them too busy to meddle in other country's affairs?



We donโ€™t want him either!


Yes, he is a moron.

djs64 Level 7 June 3, 2019
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