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He must think he looks slimmer/better with his tuxedo tailored like that... I don't think so!

DGJ0114 7 June 3

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Donnie Don--The Poor Little Rich Con--in his shrunken suit that looks like they left it in the dryer too long! (This is what Richie Rich, the Poor Little Rich Boy, would look like at 72!).


He got a pic taken with the Queen!!!!! Tremendous! Alert the press!


Am I imagining that he looks constipated?

What, did he stop at McDonalds before coming to dinner at the palace?


Fat penguin


A tailor would do that voluntarily? Hopefully there are no pics of the outfits that got rejected.

1of5 Level 8 June 3, 2019

Reminds me of a wealthy asshole I once worked for...all that money and no class...he had a beautiful, custom made suit with fine hand sewn buttonholes, beautiful topstitching, incredible care taken in making the collars and lapels fall baby blue polyester fabric...yeah, the tailor wept...


Marmalade Mussolini.


That's only because he is. Lol


Here, we see the Queen posing with the wild and rare Orange Emperor Penguin.


Poor Queen Elizabeth. Standing beside that poor excuse for a human, she looks like she's trying not to poo her pants.

She's not wearing any pants. And that is very dangerous around our pussy grabber in chief.



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