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Where were you when...

I remember where I was when I heard that John f Kennedy was assassinated and I remember where I was when I found out about 9-11. I was walking home from elementary school on the Kennedy news, and I was supposed to lead a tour of the courthouse and was getting dressed for that when I heard about 9-11.

Do you remember where you were when something important in your life happened?

lerlo 8 June 4

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I don't remember Kennedy being shot - but I remember my mother and sisters crying as the funeral was on tv.
9-11 I was on holiday is Keswick, just bought a jacket and saw people crying in the street but did not know why. Then joined dozens outside a TV shop watching it live as the second tower was hit.
Most people saw a plane hit the tower - I was watching hundreds die and the start of a war.....
Turns out I underestimated the number of dead and overestimated the war.


9/11 I was home, going to do chores. I flipped on the radio, and after a minute heard what they were saying. I was glued to the news rest of the day.


I still completely remember 9/11. I was teaching Algebra at a private school and tutoring Calculus at a college where I was getting my second degree from. All of the college classes were canceled for the rest of the day after that event.


I don't remember hearing about Kennedy's assassination. I remember the funeral procession on tv. On 9/11 I was baking chocolate chip cookies and my mother called and said to turn on the tv.


In my clinic

for what event?

@lerlo 9/11

In study hall high school for JFK


We were at the movies in Ankara, Turkey...the announcement came over the intercom and they turned on the lights and told us to head home. My dad was in the Army but we lived in the city. We had to black out all the windows and stay inside our apartment while he got into full military gear and headed out...until Johnson was sworn in, we had no President and America is vulnerable.

I was scared...I was only 9. My sister, brother and I huddled down with Mom. Never saw the end of the movie until I was grown up...

Dad came home and I do remember going to the base to watch the funeral on a black and white little tv...John John saluting his dad's flagged coffin and the poem Six White Horses is still burned into my memory.

9/11--I was at work...we all were glued to the tv in disbelief...two of our co-workers were in DC and we could not reach them...they got stuck in traffic and turned around to get back home...I could not sleep for days


I was in 2nd grade, we just came back from recess, you could tell our teacher had been crying, she explained to the class that JFK had been shot and killed - i'll never forget that day.

gater Level 7 June 4, 2019

I was in the third grade. A teacher from an adjacent classroon came into ours, crying. She whispered somthing into our teacher's ear; and our teacher then told us the news. School was closed for the rest of the day. This, still being the Cold War era, caused me to scan the skies for Russky paratroopers, and Russky bombers, all the way home. We had a 'fort' in a nearby patch of woods. So me and another kid spent the rest of the afternoon stockpiling it with bbs for our bb guns, and with whatever canned food we could sneak from the kitchen cupboards.No Russky invasion occurred, and we spent the next several days glued to the television. I was even watching when "Little Sparky" from Chi, whacked Lee Oswald.


My wife called me at work to tell me that a plane hit one of the "Twin Towers" - I thought, "How the hell did they do that?"

She was home sick that day and watched the other plane hit live... she can't talk about it to this day... she called me crying. I was working near my in-laws' house - went there for lunch and watched the news... that was on Tuesday. Saturday, I moved into my new house not far from Philadelphia International Airport. A plane flew over my house signaling resumption of air traffic - the FAA grounded all flights that week (my brother in law was stranded in Hawaii - sounds cool, but he wanted to be home with his family).

Remember the Terror Alert System?


I was watching the one o'clock news when the news of 9/11 hijacking came through and cut to the live feed.
I called up my friend and writing partner at three and asked if he was watching the news, he stayed on the phone with me until the collapse and the news of the pentagon attack and fourth plane crashing.

I think my exact words were "You realise nothing is ever going to be the same again"


My (ex) wife woke me up right after the first plane hit on 9/11. I thought she was tooling me. I was only about 1/4 awake on my day off. I pulled some sweatpants on and went to the living room, then we both saw the second plane hit. We watched the news the rest of the day and into the night, completely numb, mechanically eating lunch and then eventually had some dinner.

To this day I also remember she got the blender out about 5:00 and made strawberry daiquiris from a mix. We had 3 each and got mildly drunk. I have no idea what got her making daiquiris, and she doesn't even remember doing it.


I was at work when 9-11 happened. We were thinking "No way, this is some kind of crazy radio joke."
Got home and watched the news in total disbelief 😟

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