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Paul Krugman of NY Times says Trump's reckless tariff war is driving America into something far worse than the Great Depression. - WTF!!!!!!

sassygirl3869 9 June 4

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Krugman is right trump will destroy our country he cares nothing about people who are not billionaires


Paul Krugman has my respect. The policies of Trump are to redistribute the wealth that's left among the middle class and poor and funnel that into the coffers of the 1%.


At lest during the Great Depression the US still had a manufacturing sector. Rampant Inflation is almost guaranteed.


His tariffs are certainly speeding up the inflation, followed by recession, parts of the capitalist cycle.


Don't get upset about anything Paul Krugman says. He's wrong almost 100% of the time.

BD66 Level 7 June 4, 2019

Sorry I don't ignore criticisms of the POS Potus.

@sassygirl3869 I'm not saying to ignore all criticisms. I'm saying to ignore Paul Krugman. Just google "Paul Krugman wrong" Here's just one sample:

@BD66 So, he misjudged a new technology decades ago. Many people did, including its inventors. He foresaw the '08 Recession long before most economists. He tried to sound the alarm but no one paid attention to him.

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