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Not sure how accurate this list is, I honestly haven’t checked into it yet. I do know that personally I refuse to EVER donate to The Salvation Army. When I was a 19 year old unwed mother, I went to the local Dayton branch. They treated me like trash, gave me a Christian lecture as to why God was looking down on me and sent me on my way. Bastards. I wish I had the mindset then that I do now, they would have gotten a lecture right back.

BohoHeathen 8 June 4

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UNICEF has one of the lowest overhead costs of ANY charitable organization. I've donated to them for over a decade and I've been debunking this post every time I see it.

Marz Level 7 June 5, 2019

the best thing about the salvation army was the movie "guys & dolls".


Heifer International, highest rated efficiency of all charities, so much fun to choose from bees, ducks, rabbits, goats, chicken, erc etc, or even a water buffalo if you have big $$$, plus their offspring must be given to neighbors, so the whole village gets uplifted!


I donate 25% of my Xmas liquor bill to the Sally Anne. They are different in Canada regarding LGBT folks because our Charter prohibits discrimination.


I don't donate to non-profit organizations as a general rule. They're just a way for rich people to collect tax-free money from gullible poor people.


Donate locally, Woman's shelters, humane societies, catholic charities, keep your money local and help your neighbors.

Wait, Catholic charities? Pedophilia enablers? methinks not.

@CallMeDave I hear you on that but the local here does a lot of good that goes right to needy people, and it's run by local lay people. I would never donate to the church


Those bell-ringers are raising money for an anti-gay organization.

"Don't Donate to the Salvation Army"


agreed I have very bad experiences with the Salvation army, including being threatened with physical violence while I was collecting for the homeless charity Shelter for "Poaching their money on their patch" which apparently was the whole of the town centre.


Great..except for the Salvation Army..they are so virulently anti-lgbtq they deny people overnight shelter, emergency clothing and food..that Army calls for the death of people like me..Please don't donate to the Army of Ignorants..

I always found the idea of paramilitary godbothering to be on a level with fanaticism


They are not accurate numbers. I dispute this every time I see it posted. The SA is a bigoted organization and with people putting misinformation like this out on its behalf, it's dishonest too. The information about the charities they bash is misleading too.

-A private CEO of an organization of the same scope would make many times as much. They won't get a qualified executive for free.
-The March of Dimes collects money to fund research to prevent birth defects. To my knowledge they've never claimed to aid the needy.
-UNICEF I don't know enough to comment.
-Goodwill may have a greedy CEO, but they benefit their employees by hiring them and teaching them job skills. I disagree with the fact that they underway them and in many cases get away with paying less than minimum wage, but their about the only option for many of them.

JimG Level 8 June 4, 2019

Agreed. This chart may have held some truth when it was created but it's not so accurate now.

Ive worked with people who were employeed by GW. They're exploitive beyond words. Is it the "best these people can hope for"? In some cases yes, but that doesn't justify GWs decision to bottom feed.

@BohoHeathen Your personal experience may not be objective, but I 've heard many similar stories. When combined it's impossible to overlook them all as one bad experience. I also know that the contribute a lot of money to lobbying efforts that oppose LGBTQ equality.

One thing to remember is that they are not prohibited from discriminatory practices because they are officially a church.

@Burner In the area where I live GW is the only option for some. I know it's not a great option, and I can't condone their exploitive practices. I even feel shitty for saying this, but some of the mentally challenged are happily being exploited because they just want to be productive. That is good in some ways, but makes their practices even more despicable at the same time. It saddens me how happy people can be who don't realize how badly they're getting screwed.

@JimG something about basic human rights comes to mind.


I don't give money to charities anymore.
I give my time to the Food Bank and supplies to the county homeless shelter. The shelter is run by the Salvation Army but I'm ok with that because my donations will go directly to the people who need it.
I worked for Goodwill once. They talk a big game about their "mission" but they're totally for profit.
Also for people who want to donate locally, some humane societies and animal shelters run thrift stores to generate income. Much better option than giving to bigger organizations.

My favorite thrift store iswas (ive moved to a town with no optione) an Animal Humane store. The only hard part was donating and shopping... I did not want to see my stuff on the racks.


I never realized that Goodwill was just a massive thrift store racket! They won't be getting any donations from me!


Excellent resource, thanks for posting.

No, it isn't. It's Salvation Army propaganda. Do your own research.

Can you elaborate?

@dartagnan6666 See my response to the original post, but I don't want you to take my word for it. Research any charity you wish to donate to.

A lot of those statements are true, but they're misleading when out of context and only part of the story.


When possible, I donate th things I no longer need to Out Of The Closet Thrist stores, where most of the money goes to AIDS organizations and research.


Sorry for your bad experience...I do donate to them instead of Goodwill...I know many who could not have made it without them. Better to do local as well...local wounded warriors here is great...national group got into trouble...research is necessary.

@BohoHeathen I found that some of the local churches have thrift stores that actually help those in our area...they are better than some of the bigger companies as well...the homeless shelter also takes clothes and shoes...


I love thrift stores and I try to give both stuff and money to groups that are actually helping people. I have a tough time with the salvation army, morally, but despite their drawbacks, I think they do a good job. They do lots of direct help (food, shelter), they prices are aimed at helping those who are really low on funds, not just bargain hunters like me, and as that chart implies, their whole organization is pretty much about raising moneyand giving back.


Your experience doesn't surprise me. The owners are horrible people.

The Salvation Army is now a mostly for profit organization. They had a used goods store by me and two years ago, they started systematically going through all donated items to potentially sell on Ebay. Soon, the store was only filled with useless, valueless crap that no one would buy, so they closed the store down. Now it's just a facility for receiving donated goods.

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