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Last winter a tree fell into my back yard.
Here is the back story.
About five years ago, a jerk who lived behind me moved and about a year after that a tree on his side started dieing. I know it came up when I moved there fifteen years ago.
So last weekend another neighbor and I went to cut it down and found the roots on one side of the tree were cleanly cut.
The area where they were cut were weather worn and had been done years before.
So, I noticed several very tall trees dieing also yesterday. Now I am thinking he cut the roots on more trees aiming them at my property. I am trying to get access to the property legally at this time.
Are people just shitty?

PondartIncbendog 7 June 4

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When I was a kid, my dad offered to rebuild the shared septic we had with the neighbouring house - he was a contractor. The neighbours wouldn't allow him access even when the sewage was entering their living room... Had to take them to court!


Some people take a delight in being miserable bastards. I had neighbours like that once


Some are for sure

Yep. People can be real Jackasses. (sorry)

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