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I am disappointed that there are so many groups for which "you must be a member to post a comment"...

seattlepanda 7 June 5

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1of5 Level 8 June 5, 2019

I don't understand why that is a problem. so what? join them all.


I typically follow people, not the few groups I am member, I get so many notifications, I am apprehensive of adding more groups...

You can edit group alerts. Click on the 3-bar icon to the right of the group header.

I also do not want to see all the I join, comment, unjoin...I also follow people or specific posts only...yeah...a bit of an annoyance since the changes, but manageable...ugh

@thinktwice Duh, thanks for reminding me. I actually thought about months ago but the comment I wanted to make wasn't that important so I moved on without retaining the join unjoin thought. 🙂

I really think you are seeing problems where none can join/unjoin groups whenever you want, and there is no compunction on responding to any of the group notifications, you can just ignore them if you wish. However, whilst saying that, I think you will get more out of the site if you engage and get involved in the groups, as you build up a rapport with the others in the group.


Agreed, when they forced posters to post through groups that should have been dropped.


join, post, unjoin

ok...I'll have a try...

You beat me to the punch. Lol

That is what l have done.

@Sticks48 cos you are my smart

@thinktwice Yeah, I'm a fucking genius. 😁

@Sticks48 You are...I meant that as truth...take the compliment...

@thinktwice Yes ma'am. Thank you. Coming from you it actually means something.

@Sticks48 🙂

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