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Where is this in the US?

Jolanta 8 June 7

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surprised at the popular guesses...I thought we were a very mysterious place to most of America 😀


Could even be in Canada on Vancouver Island.


With the forest floor covered in ferns, I would also guess the Olympic rain forest up in 'WARSHinton'!


I also say Olympic National Park in Washington is very spooky and the South, the most common moss is Spanish is grey in color and full of chiggars... 🙂


I suspect it's the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.

The Hoh visitor center has paths with those boundaries and those are sword ferns so we can rule out the south. I'm confident you are right.


Spanish moss, grows in the southeast. Mississippi, Alabama and Florida are rife with it. Maybe the Everglades.

This was my guess, but I've never been to the Pacific Northwest that other people are guessing.


looks the tree might leap out and GRAB you! Oh hang on, I'm a skeptic 😀




south carolina


Looks like the South with trees dripping with moss.

My guess is the Hoh Rain Forest, Washington State.

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