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The oleanders are a bit thin because of the lack of water this winter and spring.

CeliaVL 7 June 7

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Even Quebec's famous sugar maples are threaten by climate change.


Purty, purty!


Drought severely stresses plants. . Climate change.

California's drought may be (temporarily) over, but trees are still dying.


i am starting to think that that drought will move more north this summer.

Trees are dying here too. You can see swathes of dead trees on the mountains where there is no longer enough water for them to survive the heat.


We've gotten more wet here in the US than ever recorded. Climate Change = wetter rain seasons and dryer droughts. Oleanders don't need much water if I remember correct and I think they're poisonous also. Enjoy Spain.

They are very poisonous.. - all parts. They will flower with little water but are much better with water.

@CeliaVL I recently fed mine bonemeal fertilizer, they liked it!


They still look very good to me, I wish we could grow them here, they always remind me of the Med.

They are one of the few summer flowers we have so we are grateful, but normally the flowers are much more lush. We can't afford to give them lots of water though.

@CeliaVL Good to conserve, as well... (No pun intended ~). 🙂

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