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Edit: i swear, I posted this in Site and Customer Service. I even checked after it posted and saw that it was in Site, etc. How it ended up in General and Hellos is beyond me, but I'm changing it back in this edit, so we'll see what happens.

I'm using the app for android phones. When I use the menu and click on "My Profile" it takes me to the "Member is Not Available" page. I can access my profile through the hyperlink of my screenname, but not through the menu. I think this started happening right after I changed my screenname.

Ms_McSteven 7 June 8

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@Admin app issue with the "My profile" link after a name change.

Remember the PM I sent about a scammer being available and not available? Depending on where you searched the member name. (That was on PC/Kindle and App). Could be a connected bug.

@Ms_McSteven Anytime!


I can see your profile


I stopped using the app after a couple of days of use. It was too buggy. The website seems much more stable.


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