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Tearing down the building will not change the story of Columbine, to somehow make the massacre any less destructive.

SageDave 7 June 9

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Tear down Trump Tower! Not schools!


I do not know if everybody in the community is aware. A month ago, young girl from Florida ( I think) made her way to Colorado. She posted on Facebook or Instagram that she intended to honor the shooters of Columbine with another mass shooting in the school. She planned to make it even bigger. The police and FBI tracked her to the Denver area. They put out warnings. Realizing she couldn't pull off her goal, she lead police to the top of Mt. Evens west of Denver where she took her own life with one of the guns she had planned on using at Columbine.

Always feel a bit relieved when some asshole murderer takes their own life so we the taxpayer don't have to pay for the asshole's trial and imprisonment for the rest of their life as a waste of space and human skin. The only bad part of that outcome is that they don't get to suffer in prison for the rest of their life.

@TomMcGiverin The point was not the suicide, it was draw attention to the original post. A good reason to tear down and rebuild, break the cycle and the attraction.


There was a mass murderer in UK - Fred West, aided by his wife. They killed lodgers and buried them in the basement and garden of their home. Once convicted their house was torn down and landscaped. Not sure if it stopped the ghouls


But it will stop wanna-be mass murderers from visiting Columbine High for inspiration.

That's the point.

But the library will remain standing and the memorial is only blocks away from the school. Inspiration comes from the story, not the physical location. The story of Columbine will remain solidified as long as the Internet is around to investigate school shootings.

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