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I find it sad that no matter where we go in life there is ridicule and intolerance. Why do people feel the need to put others down?

GoingDown 3 June 13

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It can expose peoples shortcomings. All you need to do is listen.

I suppose that’s true. One on one, when someone is insulting it might just point out their own insecurities. I get that. But I’m talking on an even grander scale. Take this forum for example. Here we are trying to escape the ridicule of those who think not believing in a god is wrong, all the while making fun of them. Why can’t we believe what we believe without making jokes about the other side. If you don’t like what they stand for or how they represent it, then be the example you wish to see in others. It’s so hypocritical on all ends.

@GoingDown I suppose there is some jest. But overall, I didn't think "we're" "always" making fun of them. However, there is a variety of reasons to make the stance that believing in fairytales is wrong and damaging. Which may or may not be as strong as damming someone to eternal Hell... 😉. I guess being a heathen has its drawbacks

@ownworstenemy That’s the thing. To you maybe it is a fairytale, but it’s not to them. Sticking up for your beliefs is fine, but not to the extent of ridicule of someone else. How far have you ever gotten with someone by putting them down?

@GoingDown I don't think putting people down for any reason wins any favor. Anytime.


Unfortunately, most people do not know the difference between criticizing ideas and demeaning comments. The lefters are all about demeaning.

Jacar Level 8 June 13, 2019

Imagine a tribal community. It is a quick and dirty way to raise one's own status in the group. It's a lot less work and effort than actually earning respect.

This makes me think then...Do people really want equality? Are they really trying to rid injustice? Or do we all secretly want to be made superior?

@Antidronefreeman What point are you trying to make?

@GoingDown I think many people want equality. However there are enough out there who don't to create enou8gh conflict to where the fight for equality becomes a perpetual battle.


It's called 'externalization'. Putting down others makes them feel less angst about their own problems.


Probably to feel superior

bobwjr Level 9 June 13, 2019

I don't know! This unfortunate aspect of humanity has always confounded me.

Zster Level 8 June 13, 2019

Some people can't handle the truth.

gater Level 7 June 13, 2019

I’m not sure I follow.

@GoingDown When some people learn the truth about something - like evolution - they feel the need to act superior to others that haven't realized it yet.

@gater I guess I can see that. And as far as that goes, some of those “truths” are merely beliefs that people hold on to as facts. In my opinion, believe what you want. Debate it even. But above all else, respect that the opinion of someone else is their “truth,” and that one is simply not superior just because they think what they believe is right. How sad it is that one feels the need to act superior against another for not sharing the same beliefs. 😞


Misery loves company? To make themselves look better? They're just mean? Just for laughs? Being a bully? There are many reasons... All bad.... I don't associate with people like that and I make sure to tell them that...

Same, and that goes for anyone regardless of what you do or don’t believe. Even here I find the same intolerance they claim to hate about believers. Why can’t people just have respect for one another? It sickens me.


This is a very good question. Often the words that others say are in the "gotcha" category. The saying is old but this happened to me just yesterday. A man I work with told me I'm going to hell if I do not change my ways. He thought it was funny. i asked him to please explain to me exactly where that was. After some thought he was not really sure.

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