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Fuhrer Trump says ICE will begin moving "millions" of illegal immigrants. - WTF!!!!! Gestapo to his rescue! THIS IS SCARY!!!!

sassygirl3869 9 June 18

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This is insane leftist shit. Why is it wrong to identify those who have come into our country illegally?

This is nothing like nazi germany. Stop it.

Jacar Level 8 June 18, 2019

Identify? How about intimidate, incarcerate,humiliate. These people are refugees, they're not criminals. But Trump is taking a page out of Hitler's playbook. Identify a group, make them the enemy and make everyone hate them. Blame them for the poor economy ... blame them for everything that's wrong.That's exactly what Trump is doing. These people are simply trying to protect themselves and their children from the dangerous environment in their Homeland. Instead they're incarcerated and had their children taken away and put in cages.

@TheoryNumber3 ... You did not answer the question. You just spewed all the usual left-pole shit. Of course all of those things are abhorrent. . .

Why do YOU think illegal invaders should be allowed to come here, and be protected in any way.

Invaders change our culture. Is that good? The people who live along the southern boarder are tired of having thousands of poverty stricken migrants demanding attention parading their streets.

This issue is very important. Make sure you understand all the implications before you regurgitate the stupid you were told.

Example: The somalian 'refugees" are opposing a law to ban FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION.

Think about that for more than 5 seconds.

Why would ANYYYOOOOOOOOOONE oppose such barbarism?

@Jacar I didn't say it's wrong to identify them. I said it's wrong to persecute them. This has always been a culture of immigrants. Maybe YOU should open a history book. But I'm not going to attempt to engage in an intelligent conversation with someone who resorts to insults and talks out of both sides of his mouth.

@TheoryNumber3 They are criminals. You did not answer the question. Again. Why should anyone be allowed/welcomed/nurtured/protected just because they got across a border.

This is TODAY. NOT hundreds of years ago.

You have NO idea what i think. You are assuming. Clarify your understanding before you respond with the general left-pole crap. You will be better to defend your 'position.'

@TheoryNumber3 The majority of these people are NOT refugees. They are economic migrants.

@Jacar Oh really? Have you personally interviewed them?

@Jacar And by the way, watch your mouth. Don't talk down to me and give me orders. I owe you nothing, not even the courtesy of a reply as a result of your bad manners... so basically what I'm saying to you in language even a troglodyte like you will understand is take your attitude and shove it.

@TheoryNumber3 Look at who they are and where they are from. Just like in europe.
And now we have clear evidence that africans are flying to brazil and then crossing our border. WHY are they doing this?

@TheoryNumber3 This is a forum for the express purpose of exploring ideas. Heated or otherwise. Getting unhappy cuz YOU infer someone is "telling" you what to do? Snap out of it. Respond to the words, not to your "taken" offense.

Of course, you can always ban me, as is always demonstrated by the the "left" when they think they will FEEL offended by WORDS!

@TheoryNumber3 I was stating the obvious: You did not answer the question. You just spewed the default crap you were told was true. Can you answer the question with clarity based upon what you have actually thought through?


He says "next week", but he isnt' that organized. He only made the announcement to makie the democrats react, so he can say to his bse that he tried, but democrats blocked him. The reality is even if democrats stood back and did nothing, it woudl take mor ehna week for him to get his shit together.


And this is how he's going to get reelected in 2020 people are okay with this


Just another distraction! Another bit of red meat, to be tossed to his witless followers! ICE lacks the manpower to do anything of the kind. that would require the entire US Military, every cop, every rent-a-cop, would-be cop, wannabe cop, plus millions of newly hired cops!

hope you're right!


The man has no soul. No compassion. No brains.


Just wait next thing he will be referring to immigrants as the "Latino problem" or the "Latino question,"


There are NO "millions", never were, in fact lowest numbers since the 60's.....


All I can do is sound the alarm, but we are already on a dangerous path that MUST be stopped... NOW!

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