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YES—failure is painful—very painful. Unfortunately, the stories of struggle to success that we’re so often told do little more than glaze right over the pain of failure so that they can spend more time talking about the glorious feeling of success. So what’s the solution? A critical mass of badasses who are willing to dare, fall, feel their way through tough emotion, and rise again.
~ Brene Brown

Benthoven 8 June 19

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The notion that failure is as good, or better, than success in providing new data from which we can learn useful things, is completely alien to some people, particularly in the hyper-competitive miasma that is American life, particularly business life.

Brene Brown has a tendency to couch everything in terms of feeling, so I'd modify her thought to say we need "badasses willing to dare, fail, admit failure, assess the lessons learned from it, refine their approach, and try again". Working through whatever emotions are present during that process is part of the honest bit where you admit failure, and should not be neglected, but I think the notion that you're not "being real" unless you get all choked up in mixed company, is a little bit overdetermined.

Hmm... I tend to be an emotional person and I used to apologize for it, believing it was a weakness or had to be channeled into something more acceptable (ie, a "learning experience" ). I have since learned otherwise, and not ashamed to embrace it... But being emotional doesn't automatically mean letting everything out in mixed company; being in touch with my emotions also means being aware enough to discern when and what to share.


Failure is always an option

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