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I just read this in a book I'm reading and it rings true for me.

"There is nothing more worthwhile than helping someone else."

lerlo 8 June 28

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Not for narcissists or egotistical people.

don't forget dead people 😉

@lerlo if you are dead there ain't nothing u can do, you're dead!

@Mofo1953 good call! I thought we were looking for all the people who don't do it


Pretty much, unless one is a psychopath with no empathy, this is essentially true. Like every truism, context is everything.


Some food for thought. Helping someone else makes you feel good so are you really helping to make yourself feel good?

azzow2 Level 9 June 28, 2019

unless it has no effect on you when you do it...but are you suggesting that therefore it's only done for selfish reasons? If so, I suggest you try different food


It's one of the reasons I love volunteering for Recovering from Religion. They provide great training, the work is done via chat or phone and people really appreciate the peer support.


Rings true for me as well. Family, friends, community, country and the world. I try to make sure I'm of service to each of things on an ongoing basis.


that reminds me of a wise doctor i had a conversation with a few yrs ago. i let him know that i'm an atheist & don't have much hope for the human race. he said: then maybe you should consider being a humanist. i suppose that's all a humanist can do: help other ppl.


You are an empath. As I am. It's a special kind of burden to bear. But it also makes life more meaningful.

mischl Level 7 June 28, 2019

There is nothing more rewarding than helping and there is nothing more devastating than a missed opportunity to help someone.


Exactly. I got a Master of Public Administration degree because I get the greatest reward from doing work that helps other people.

Since 2006, I have been a volunteer college mentor at Wenatchee High School. I help low income, first generation students write essays to apply for college and scholarships.

One of my best success stories is Brenda, who won $269,545 in scholarships and grants in 2016. A sophomore at Wesleyan University, Brenda plans to become a medical doctor and pathologist. She wants to cure diseases.

In June 2018, I I took three young women I previously mentored on a hike around Icicle Gorge.


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