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Dodgey translation

Moravian 8 July 1

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ha ha ha oolala is definitely not a perfect translation...


That looks like Benny Hill's German.


I'm with the Monty Python theory 😆


Fake language joke


Where is the German?

Could it be Dutch?

@Haemish1 That is as much Dutch as German. Let's call it " we can't afford a real translator, so we made it up the best we can."

Close enough that most won't know the difference?

@Haemish1 Tru dat!

@Haemish1 more like double Dutch I think

@Moravian I do't see jump ropes?


Regardless, a cup of that would begin your day with a double whammy !


Obviously the translation has been made by a British linguist! 😂

Or Eric Idle and John Cleese?

@Haemish1 They are both that could be the case.

I remember a skit they did, where the man using their phrase book was looking for a library, but the translation had him saying “I want to fondle your bum”

@Haemish1 very Monty Pythonish!

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