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Make someone's day...

BeeHappy 9 July 4

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I want to shout out to @HippieChick58 for doing way more than her share of uplifting people today...glad to be part of this site with members like that! WOO HOO for her...thanks!

Thank you so much for that. It keeps me going.


Eh....why not?


Something nice! 😀😀😛

Unity Level 7 July 4, 2019

I really like your profile. Great pic too. I hope you have a fantastic day!

Thank you!


We rise by lifting others. I work in customer service for billing for a hospital. I had a lady call in to make a payment. She was the MOST organized person, knew exactly what amount needed to go to which dates of service and which services. She told me my teammate had helped her figure this all out and just gushed about how kind she was. I not only told the teammate, I emailed the supervisor as well.

That was a very cool thing for you to do! 🤗

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