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Back from the Cardiologist!

I must be their favorite patient. Not sick enough to worry them but sick enough to qualify for all kinds of involved tests. Dr. A says: oh. don't worry. We're not going to change the medication but you should have another stress test. it's been five years. Oh., I am thinking, the damned treadmill again. No, said Dr. A, "the six hour nuclear stress test. We'll see what's what inside of the heart."
They found nothing worrysome in the carotid arteries, so let's dig around in my heart.
It is the diabetes- every specialist's ticket into the world of yet more and more sophisticated tests.
Sorry, I am ranting. For all the money spent on these tests, i could have had a new pancreas and lived happily ever after. But nooooo! We don't deliver cures. We deliver patienst as long as possible.
I am now going to have a large glass of wine. Screw my liver!

Spinliesel 8 July 15

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Cardiologists drive me nuts. 2 different ones, 2 different nothing definitive about treatment.
Seems like if something isn't happening RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM, nothing is done.

Qualia Level 8 July 18, 2019

I am having an echocardiogram on Thurs.
They suspect a bad valve.
I think i'll have a new camshaft and lifters put in too.
Stupid old car. Makes noises from the rear end and leaks fluid from the front.

Best wishes for the echocardiogram. It is painless.If they'll let you have a copy of the scan, you can use itas a cool background for your so- far -non-existant profile picture here.

@Spinliesel That IS my picture! My family was black too.

@Spinliesel I already had a triple bypass. I hope they don't want to saw my chest open again.

@PondartIncbendog But so monotone. You must get out into the sun a bit more. Oh wait, you're in Washington State - hardly any direct sunshine.

@PondartIncbendog Triple bypass? How many hearts do you have? That sounds more like a whole autobahn, not just a bypass!
But no joke. It is almost easier for the heart surgeon to follow the old stitching lines. Your chest must look awesome! If they will have to do that to me, I will get a very cool tattoo over the scars.

@Spinliesel I was thinking about a drag strip. I raced NHRA in the 90's.
Maybe I'll just do a marking pen thing for the doctors.

@PondartIncbendog Good idea! When I had my right hand operated on, they made me write Right Hand and an X , so the doctor who was obviously too stupid to know that would not operate on the wrong hand.


Big Pharma doesn't want cures, they want customers.

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