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Hello all,
I just wanted to say that I've really been enjoying this place and appreciate the sense of community here! I love all of the stimulating conversations that can be found on the discussion boards as well as how caring and supportive everyone seems to be.
Thank you all for making this place so wonderful!

Mea 7 Mar 15

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Awww..yer pretty cool yerself!

If you're ever in Vegas I'd love to meet you... meet for a drink, maybe some weed, perhaps create some art too!


I agree! I only joined a few days ago, and it's nice to have stimulating and thoughtful discussions with like-minded people.


Agreed! I'd almost sworn off social media lately, but this is really different, and it's the people and their (refreshing NOT innane) comments that have me visiting everyday since joining a week ago!


It doesn't matter what you believe as long as you respect everyone's right to believe whatever they want. That's respect their right to believe it, not respect their right to inflict it on you.


Welcome Mea, in my opinion this is the best site, it's more of a community, hopefully it will not change.


There are some very sharp people here (I hope to be one someday), and some with xlnt senses of humor. It's a good place to hangout sometimes.

I agree - there are some sharp folks here. Creative and thinking folks. Lots of smart people - both book smarts and people smarts. I am glad I joined.


Yes! This is a great site! Loving the sheer number and variety of topics discussed with no god bs.


I just joined and immeadiatly noticed that sense of community that, for example, Facebook lacks. It's made me wonder if the microcosm reflects the macrocosm. To put it another way: is the lack of community in the world as a whole, or even in nations, states, even cities brought about by the presence of religion? You have to admit, religion is a big part of the divisiveness we see in the US since we elected that monstorous demagogue last year.

Yes, USA is VERY divided since the elevation of His Orangeness to the most powerful position in this country .... religion divides people. I have lost count of the people who have rejected me, judged me, and harassed me when they found out I am atheist. I do not advertise my lack of belief. If people ask me, I will give an honest answer ... and then they get angry because I give them answers they do not like. I wish these intrusive, arrogant jerks would just go away. But they seem to be increasing - I hope I am wrong.

@SKH78 I keep saying this - come to Australia; generally, we don't care about religion.


Your more than welcome and I couldnt agree more.


You echo my sentiments eloquently and exactly! <3


It does feel good to be a part of this community.
I'll add my appreciation to @Mea's. thanks community


I'm just discovering this place. And so far I'm loving it.


Hi! I'm so glad you've joined us! Feel free to drop in on any thread, and if you have any questions, just drop me a message (or any of the admins - or anyone realy) and we will all be happy to offer help!



Thank you for letting me in your tribe- Very refreshing and interesting

Rosh Level 7 Mar 29, 2018

That is a lovely and heartfelt comment. I am pleased you find this a place to come and be supported. You are welcome.


It does feel like a breath of fresh air after being surrounded by folks of the southern religious type. Well meaning and warm folks, but with unflinching dogmatic beliefs and carrying a card that gives them permission to "save me", from myself and my self destruction. So, hello my fellow free thinkers!


Welcome Mea. This is a pretty nice site to have not the everyday conversation. Good topics from time to time.


This is a lot more refreshing than FB or any other platform I'm currently using. I hope to see it grow, but I also hope the attitude stays the same. Open discussion without rabid disagreement is so nice to see...keep it up, folks.

I wonder how this site could get better recognition? Is there an awards ceremony ?


It’s pretty great, so far.


Glad you've joined us! 🙂




I think your blue hair is awesome!


You are welcome.

pasha Level 3 Apr 1, 2018

Just got here so not sure what to expect from it but I hope I enjoy it as much.

I'm sure you will. It's a wonderful place!


Glad you're a part of us Mea!


I only wish there weren't so much distance separating us all.
Avatar to Avatar is cool, Face to Face is cooler, and of course Body to Body is the best!


Facebook < Agnostic

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