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John McAfee For President

It's true. He wants to be President of the US and Prime Minister of the UK, simultaneously. And there's no precedent saying he can't. 😛

That aside, here's his McAfee 2020 website. It's interesting.

Don't VOTE McAfee

SeaGreenEyez 9 July 28

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Cecil Rhodes hoped for a future reunification of all the English-speaking countries 120 years ago. And in "1984", the US and UK are both part of a larger country called 'Oceana'. So, I can tell what McAfee has been reading. (Though I don't pretend to know what he has been smoking!).


I kinda like him. But yeah, not sane.


Livin' the American dream


NY Post reports McAfee is "British born" whatever that means he must have one US born citizen parent to run for President Raphael Cruz JUNIOR alias Ted mommy married a Cuban and birthed Junior in Canada.....McAfee is an IRS fugitive jailed recently twice for "weapons on his yacht" and deported from the Dominican Republic jail to a London jail ....this criminal is not going to get as many delegates as the disgraced Governor Johnson of New Mexico too stoned to know where our troops and weapons to muslims were in Aleppo Syria


That motherfucker is crazier than a shithouse rat.


What does Governor Johnson and Judge Gray say about this bizarre DON'T vote guy ??? I have Libertarian friends going back 42 years and this guy is not a Harry Browne competent but is a verbose fool calling me and my peers LIARS....another page from the TrumpOLINI playbook.....I will be surprised if this McAfee with an internet name does not wind up in prison with Lyndon laRouche



bobwjr Level 9 July 28, 2019
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