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I started looking for a new job recently and these "career" sites are blowing up my phone. I was the Executive Administrative Assistant to the president of my company and his main carbon fiber builder until I became allergic to the chemicals in the building process. So what do I get for for jobs "perfect" for me? Here is an example," We saw your resume where you worked as an Executive Administrative Assistant to ABC President of XYZ Inc. and we think this job would be a perfect fit for you!" the job? front counter at Dairy Queen. Oh how far I have fallen........

misstuffy 7 July 30

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The new company coming to town is still in the planning process and not ready to hire. They do not know what they will need for employees yet. One thing is for sure, every company needs an Administrative Assistant! I think it will be at least 12-18 months before they will be set up and going.


IDK If I trust online job sites. I just tried $5 / day they sent me every type of applicant they could scramble together. For an upgrade to $22/ day they will "definitely find me the right fit".

I doubt it.

twill Level 7 July 31, 2019

I am not paying for any of these. I did take the time to go in and "unsubscribe" from all I could find in my inbox. That helped a lot with the phone issue. There is a new company coming to my town so I reached out to the HR department and left a message for their director. Hopefully when she comes in the office she will contact me.


I have had two major career changes in the past decade. From my experience, I would like to share an idea with you.

I was an appraiser in another state, but had to move to stay close to my child. I lost a huge income. When I first came to the South, I had a logistical problem. I have a science degree I never used, and I was getting older. Also, my work experience appraising was worthless in an area where I didn't know the market at all.

I can build anything, so I worked in construction for a short time until I could find something better. Anyway I went into the petroleum industry for awhile. Too old in my late 40s to carry around 100 pound bags of chemicals on a daily basis. Pay was great, but I couldn't do it forever.

Anyway, I studied programming. It took several months, but eventually I learned what I needed to become marketable in the computer industry.

Yep, I downloaded a Python how to YouTube video a couple of weeks ago and the language platform as well. I have been too busy lately to learn it, I am teaching myself to build Access style databases on Libre Office Base, the two are very similar and those who know how to build databases can make good money.


Fuck the agencies....look up companies nearest you and send post cards to each CEO with your one sentence past job description...seeking advancement towards improved production innovator wants your dedication and ambition

Hopefully EVERYONE WILL READ YOUR POSTCARDS and word will get out THEY NEED A WOMAN to guide their work to greater success

Maybe a postal box to prevent stalkers stealing your goats

I would need a full chapter to describe what my duties were. An Executive Admin is not like a regular Admin because we do so much more and have much deeper responsibilities. For instance, we are a small enough company that I also act as researcher and buyer for company purchases. I made a purchase yesterday in another city in person; I needed to examine the product in person and he trusts me to know what I am doing and get it right. He was very pleased with the purchase because he had been looking for years on his own and could never get anything that matched what he had before. I got it on my first attempt. I am computer literate and he isn't and yes, that makes a huge difference!

I agree with getting rid of the apps, Im with you there and headed for my email to delete them now!

@misstuffy tell all that to responders....just give a post card worth to see if they need word job activities fit in one sentence

@misstuffy research purchasing quality control...all fits on a type written post card with your po box&cellphone

@GreenAtheist Yes you are correct, I have international sales, customs and shipping experience along with the domestic.

@misstuffy pride of accomplishments

@misstuffy design to delivery Excellence

@misstuffy 60 words should do it

@misstuffy 6 lines typewritten size 11 font

@GreenAtheist I worked hard at my job, before me the only products they had shipped overseas were small things through the post office. I helped sell an aircraft and pack it going to Germany and other large crated products and I had to go online and teach myself how to handle the customs paperwork. There was no one there to train me in how to do this. Before I arrived they sold one cowling a year and I had them up to five. I have reason to be proud of the work I did. I improved the manufacturing process so much that I am as well known as my boss in the business.

@misstuffy Dairy Queen ? They don't sell goat milk ice cream ?

@misstuffy I have been typing personnel/medical political records for 46 years 155 two minute Dial The Atheist messages 18 thousand phone calls in 31 months in bound several countries 50 states....brevity elected Nelson Mandela not got ur done sis....a good boss will sign you up to a 2 year contract...don't let anyone pick your brain or pinch your fingers as a temp

I also see in my mailbox jobs working from home and I am suspicious because let's face it, the pay seems pretty far put there,like this one; pays $558.25. Makes me think they are playing on peoples greed and gullibility with numbers put out there like that.

@misstuffy maybe Wellman Dynamics is still making cruise missiles in Creston ?? But then you will be like me part of the Navy killing machine

@GreenAtheist If I have to relocate I may have to sell off all this livestock. At this point I still have some work from that Ex Admin position and I am going to cut back the livestock. I do get a public speaking gig here and there and there is a lot of interest in that book, it won't make a best sellers list because , lets face it, unless you are a meat got producer those charts and graphs and so on are just not very exciting!

@misstuffy 99 county Chamber of COMMERCE and Farm BUREAU need women to preach Iowa ag business ....Kim Reynolds is running a cyber seminar for manufacturing THURSDAY....sign up its free

@GreenAtheist It would have to be office work only, I can no longer do carbon fiber work because I am now allergic to the chems.

@misstuffy I don't know what Wellman makes fusillage material out of ....PROBABLY CLASSIFIED ON NEED TO KNOW basis...Iowa State University Materials Science and Engineering probably has a list of Iowa Manufacturers by type you're familiar with and northern Missouri is not that far from you that has companies....also major national firms subcontract to tiny little towns to make spare/OE parts....find em and dog em til ya get an answer.....the State of Iowa Enployment Agency offices are the exception to the rule with these online bastards.....same with are listed and salary ranges usually indicate whether the listing is a revolving door or career placement

@GreenAtheist Chemicals used or any kind of Epoxy for any of these materials leave me out. Like I said I can do office work only now.

@misstuffy office work generally pays less than office work controlling production procurement distribution and sales

@misstuffy suit up and wear respirators any time you might be exposed to what ails ya

@GreenAtheist I make $20.00 an hour as an Executive Admin, higher level admins make good money

@misstuffy boss ripped you off when your salary should be close to his

@GreenAtheist He is cheap, he owns the company. I am the highest paid employee he has. When I could no longer do the carbon fiber work he lost a lot of business.

@misstuffy foolish employers don't reward workers then wonder why they can't hire replacements who are capable of growing with the company....

@GreenAtheist agreed


I am a medical technologist in a small clinic working "as needed" which means no patients - no work so I worked one shift last week and one shift this week and that's it for this pay period. I need more hours to make ends meet - but I need this job because it comes with health insurance. I have 28 years experience - yet health care staff are getting cut all the time.

That is crazy, from what I can see we have another possible recession in the works. That said while I can see cutbacks in other professions people don't stop getting sick or injured when we have an economic slowdown. When I look at the jobs being offered I see a bunch of CDL trucking and then fast food service jobs offered. I am no truck driver and am only surviving due to my livestock. I need for health reasons to get out of that and have been looking at jobs. I guess I need to get my book on Meat Goat Marketing finished and to some publishers to see if I can get it sold.

@misstuffy - if you ever stop in at a Fast Food Burger-Joint look at who is working behind the counter and you just might notice several people way past retirement age - in this time when high cost of housing and healthcare and very little retirement savings many of us aging Baby-Boomers will be working for many years past 65 - the warehouse industry jobs at Amazon are being filled by 65+ year olds living in motor homes in giant camper parks... it is a sad fact of life.

@FrostyJim I know, and when you get these ignorant people who are against raising the minimum wage because they believe it was for " starter jobs for kids" I want to scream. The President who put it in place said flat out it was to provide a basic living at the least. If they want starter wages for kids, fine, do that but as soon as they turn 18 they get to go to at least an adult minimum and these days it needs to be $15.00 an hour.

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