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I hate people telling me that I have to be open minded... basically what they're saying is the only reason I'm not buying their pseudo science is that I'm closed minded, and were I open minded I would agree with them.

That's a pretty arrogant assumption.

I'm never open minded. Not that I'm closed minded either. I just want to make sure there's real evidence to back up the claim.

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An intermediate approach is to ask them for evidence and listen to their logic. Challenge as you go along. “That looks like a belief and not a fact to me!”


Never really sure what is meant by this ‘open-minded rhetoric. It seems to be one of those weasel phrases that implies one is not as smart as one thinks one is!

We all know that one, or I certainly know that in the grand scheme of things as I am as thick as my grannies porridge. Maybe we just choose not to run down certain rabbit holes!


Hmmm . . . open minded, huh? Is it like health care? Can you choose your deity? Bacchus was an interesting character, as was Coyote. And neither of them were complicit in their end. That's kind of a biggie in my book!

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