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Netflix documentary The Great Hack.

If you have Netflix, tune into the newly released documentary, The Great Hack, about Cambridge Analytics influence on the 2016 election in the US and the Brexit Election in England. Data has surpassed oil as the #1 commodity. Our personal and confidential data is now being used not only for monetary gain, but for propaganda campaigns against us.

It is disturbing.

linxminx 7 Aug 1

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I have seen this documentary.its democracy fool india we have evm machines,those manipulators of even fair elections.


I wish more people would watch this


I saw this and loved it but I fumed a little too. You see plainly how this last election was stolen and you see a lot of those behind it. A misuse of our data which others now think they own, but your data rights should be part of your human rights. I did think also that the film went out of it's way to exonerate Brittany Kaiser.


I’m adding it to my watch list


My daughter is a partner at a large IT security firm,,,she has been telling me about this, for a couple of yrs,,and notified me when the documentary came out. I watched it 3 times, telling myself this can’t be true.
The comment I have heard from many of folks, “This is not the America I thought knew””,,,they were right!!! It wasn’t!! But it is now,, after a mass media campaign was targeted(and its still going on)at the under educated people, with lies and conspiracy theories. Folks it time for education reform and free Higher Education for ALL!!,,, call out and stand up to the lies. We need to take back our Data!! These same tactics were used to cause, Trump, the rise of white nationalism, BREXIT and Boris Johnson,,,what county is next? Climate Change isn’t the only global issue now. WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY,,, and please tell me this isn’t so.

I would support free higher education, but sadly there is no likelihood it will have any effect on the under educated mass of people who are not interested, or intellectually incapable, of benefitting from it

The targeting is based on personality characteristics of a person that shows they are easily persuaded. I don't know if that necessarily correlates with being under educated. I have friends who are college educated who seem to be responding to every fake news article that comes out.


Same rules as always - Knowledge is Power

Yes it is. And knowledge that this occurs is also power, the power to reject that influence by being aware of it.

@powder sadly the influence of marketing is all pervasive - repetitive messages and subliminal advertising have an influence most people can neither notice or inhibit

@ShadowAmicus yes but it will help if you are aware of subliminal and repetitive messaging. That knowledge does give you the power to recognise it when it happens. A small weapon but better than nothing.

@powder The whole thing about subliminal messaging is that although you know of the possibility, you have no way of recognising when or where it is happening

@ShadowAmicus But you may recognise urges to change your behaviour as induced.

@ShadowAmicus I teach a college level consumerism class and spend some time on the tactics marketers use to persuade us. I think the students are surprised at how easily people can be manipulated to part with their money. We'll be viewing The Great Hack this semester. It hope it will stimulate some thoughtful discussions.

@linxminx I think everyone should understand marketing psychology - would make the world a little better


I'll watch it tomorrow.




Will check it out

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