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Just curious, how many of you would say this applies to you?

Aeonia25850 5 Aug 4

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Definitely. Give me a good book instead of the wrong woman.


Not looking, not going to find "that special someone" and totally happy with that.



lerlo Level 8 Aug 5, 2019

During my breeding years I was desperate to find a mate but luckless now in my golden Years I don't want anybody to dance with but I need the help to get about in life so I keep my spouse around . It does get lonely and ts nice to have another human to chat with about nothing much. I had an email pen pal in England but then he wanted to send photos of his privates . I told him No. Same with my male pen pal in Israel, until he wanted to start an email sexchat thing and again, No. I never dated casually, I was always looking for a mate to share life with.

"Sexting" most disrespectful dick heads and alleged females who send me such unsolicited texts I INSTANTLY BLOCK THEM b4 they can hack into any of my portals

@GreenAtheist I agree. I was sad and disgusted and closed the communications with them, felt like I had lost a friend but ok


Sounds good to me


I guess that's me. Totally happy alone, but if I cross paths with someone during the course of me enjoying my own life, my own way, then wonderful. Not looking, but will contemplate getting to know the right person, if one comes my way, somehow, someday. Not gonna date just to date.

This! Thank you for saving me the keystrokes! (;


I don't really label myself. I don't feel the need to have a group to associate with to help justify whatever choices I make, or how I live my life. This country just LOVES labels and categories. Why?

So you're an "unlabeler". Oh wait, that's labeling you. 😉

@NoPlanetB Maybe I'm wrong. I was labeled a Troll on here because of my anti-gun stance. Maybe labeling is unavoidable. 🙂

@Sticks48 Labels happen, it's how we pigeonhole people and behaviors for survival. It's a mechanism for sorting the friends from the foes. It's not a bad thing but it can be abused, pretty much like anything.

My above post was just teasing, btw. 🙂

@NoPlanetB I knew you were teasing. I thought it was very clever. 🙂


Not even really looking for anyone. If our paths cross, so be it. And I'm happy as a pig in mud. 😎




I confer with that logic.


Yup that's me ....I am waiting for my Yoko Ono to choose me to be her John Lennon


Yep, absofuckinglutely!

few of us on this site use vulgarity please take note of that its just that - vulgar

@FlaGoldenGirl Tough shit. Get over it.


@FlaGoldenGirl Bwahahahaha... that's a bag of bullshit.

@FlaGoldenGirl I fucking love and fucking embrace fucking vulgar! 🙂

@FlaGoldenGirl Actually, a lot of us use profanity

please don't use vulgarity. Only vulgar people use ugly vulgarity . So far this has been a decent breath of fresh , clean air on the site . Most of us are so sick to vomit of the endless profanity now days, that has no place in decent people s lives. We all make a choice - the movie stars are paid huge bucks to use vulgar language because it appeals to the lowest of the low classes of the under educated and they will buy a ticket to the movies. For us, we just turn it off , do not watch, sad for the exposure of the youth of our country.

@FlaGoldenGirl Fuck off. Feel free to block my creativeness if you can't handle it.


Not me!

zesty Level 7 Aug 4, 2019

Not me, I can hardly put up with myself, how could I put up with someone else? Ha ha ha ha . . .

Pal that fits ya....someone will come along and sing your praises....who wants to live with a conformist useful idiot for the theocracy ?

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