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How to Win at Life

MissKathleen 9 Aug 4

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My daughter has been in a relationship since she was 17 and her troglodyte 18. It's been 12 years and the troglodyte has become excessively selfish. They have no common savings. Over the years he has bought himself numerous cars, sometimes he owned two, motorbikes, mountain bikes, model airplanes, drones etc. Lately he spent $3000 on a simulator that forced my daughter to give up her little corner where she used to do sewing. He has put on about 50lbs and squandered his savings and his salary. My daughter, on a more modest salary, saved about 100 K$. Now he claims half to make him even happier.

“You end up with what you put up with.”

@MissKathleen That's what I told her.


I remember when a good friend told me the story of their 25th (give take a few) wedding anniversary. She asked the husband:
"What do you want to do on this occasion?"
"Do you really want to make me happy?"
"Of course," she replied.
"Ok, let me go down and play GO with the security guard."
Well she did and we spend the evening together.


UNLESS what they do harms other people. In which case, smite them.


I've seen and heard stories of women being jealous of their partner's hobby. They complain that he/she doesn't spend enough time with them... It might be true...but it's most often just jealousy. They don't understand that letting him/her enjoy their hobbies is the best way to make them happy, and this happiness will keep them together !! Ladies should find passions of their own instead of complaining.


One of our biggest human problems... minding your own business.


Mind your own business.

I remember those lines. My gran had a 5 line party line and yep, couldn't make a call without someone listening in.


Think I'll just pop out and rob a bank. Then I can afford to buy a country estate.
...... and it's none of your damned business. Leave me alone!


Except when making them happy involves shooting you.


That works fine, until you get to the ones who are happy only when they are making other people UNhappy! Then you hit the ten feet thick reinforced cement wall. And if what makes you happy is making other people unhappy, then again, there's that damned cement wall again, because someone is going to stop you, and it won't be a pretty sight to behold.


And all this time I had thought it was to ask the hard questions and watch people squirm for an answer.


Awesome!! I'm a huge fan of apathy.


Cannot love this enough! ❤


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