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Why is Mitch McConnell still in office? He's a useless political hack.

TheoryNumber3 7 Aug 5

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Because he’s the rednecks friend.

I doubt he's anybody's friend. He's a self serving jackass. If anyone benefits it's because it benefits HIM.


Because he’s from Kentucky.


What hell hole had those 3 shootings? I don't know the flag, but it is obviously a place to avoid

Looks like Italy to me. Be afraid! Be very afraid! LOL


He is still in office because the electorate of Kentucky keep electing him. Your beef is with the electorate of KY.


Did McConnell receive a court martial from the army for sodomy?


Well much as I'd like to believe that, I'm not sure I trust a source called BadKitties LOL

I’m not seeing a source called BADKITTIES.
Hillbilly report caught my eye though.

@Haemish1 That's what it says right under the headline. Looks like a social media post.


Why is he still breading I want to know.

I'm not sure he is. He kinda looks like a corpse


No shit but Kentucky is still in the 1800s


One could ask the exact same question about Pelosi, Cummings, Kamala, AOC,,, hell, pretty much all of the Dems are a bunch of hacks...

how's that relevant - Pelosi is the opposition, and the others have barely started their careers, not sitting like a dragon on it's hoard most of our lifetimes

@Allamanda 'the others barely start'.... mmm.. What are you smoking? 🤣🙃😳 Slummings... I mean,, Cummings has been screwing Baltimore up for over 20 years in the House, and Kamala slept her way into a Deputy AG job almost 30 years ago.. AOC is the only newcomer to that crowd, so I don't know where you get that shit from.. Face it... a hack is a hack, so it's VERY relevant. 😒

@Captain_Feelgood pick and mix with all the facts and all the opinions, all the time...

@Captain_Feelgood Can you provide some citations from a reputable source to back up your claims


I despise Moscow Mitch.

Vote Republicans out of office!


Mitch is enjoying his ‘revenge’ on those who laughed at him in high school… He’s fuckin em royal ~

My question is - WTF’s wrong with Kentucky?

Varn Level 8 Aug 5, 2019

Nobody knows. Too much fried chicken maybe? Could be Colonel Sanders is behind this


He is an awful human being.

Carin Level 8 Aug 5, 2019

Personally I am quite sure that he is not a human. He is some alien from out of space. I think he comes from the chipmunk world, just look at his face, definitely chipmunk world.

@Jolanta That's a really lousy thing to say about chipmunks! 🙂

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