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And we wonder why we all hate each other...


SaucyCheryl 8 Aug 6

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I don't hate anybody.
I have limitless compassion for morons everywhere.



Why did they not simply call for a police van?
They must have known how this would look.

They knew. It was intentional. These are the daily slights, insults, shade that is thrown day in and day out that cause one group to feel emboldened and powerful, and one to feel trodden and unequal.


Why do my fellow whites just keep on not getting it? Why are we so dense, oblivious, and tone deaf?

No empathy.


Hate runs deep... in the South.


If they can keep us hating each other then we won't notice who really has their dick up our ass.

So true.


Homosapien sapiens need to be extinct


What would the hoopla be if the roles were reversed. 2 black officers leading a white? This is not the 1920s the man committed a crime and the officers were doing what they get paid to do.

I'm not quite sure what you mean.

@SaucyCheryl To compare this to something that would have happened before our education of prejudice is inane. To point it out and make it seem like the old way of thinking we'll the comparison just do not jive.

@azzow2 Really. Just how does it jive?

@SaucyCheryl Schools of thought are not what they once were. Our social etiquette is to be kinder to people we want to know and not to fear what we do not understand.

@azzow2 You mean to say that people didn't understand 100 years ago that trapping people on the African continent, shipping them to distant lands to be sold into slavery, treating them like animals was wrong and lost on them? These men yesterday we recreating a scene from ROOTS.

@SaucyCheryl Not at all. What I am saying is that society has matured a small amount in regards to how people are treated in term of prejudice compared to 99 years ago.

@azzow2 Got it. Thank you, for clarifying.


I'm so relieved to know that mental illness is the problem.

Videogames too.

🙄 couldn't possible because of morons.


Well as groups maybe. Democrat vs Republican, ignorant whites vs blacks etc. I personally don't have time in my life to waste on hating anyone except the so-called president. HIM I hate.


I don't get it. That only explains why we hate them.

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