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When it comes to Jesus.
Do you think that he existed
Do you think he is all mythology and fan fiction
something else?

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FlyingGodess 5 Aug 11

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This is where a little research goes a long way. Most of the aspects of the Jesus story are very common story tropes, such as the virgin birth, the miracles, the persecution, and the resurrection. This may be why Christians are so adamantly discouraged from seeking knowledge about other religions, in order to "protect" the devout from all of the obvious commonalities between Christianity and other mythologies.

Deb57 Level 8 Aug 14, 2019

To me it doesn't matter whether he existed, didn't exist, or is a composite of many people (my vote). The important thing is that there is no evidence of any divinity, so what does it matter. If christians want to think he existed, fine, but his existence or lack there of is not evidence of divinity or a basis for a way of life.


It is possible there was some teacher/person known as "Jesus" who lived and taught in the Middle East during the first century in whom the deity attributes (virgin birth, performance of miracles, 3 days in the tomb, resurrection etc.) of pagan gods (Horus, Attis, Dionysus, Krishna, Mithra etc.) were applied to for the sake of his story, legend, and myth. It was just a new version of similar stories that had worked in the past for the control of the weak, to keep slaves down etc. The Jesus of the Bible never existed...


I think a person is at the root of the later myths about him. And, elements of the lives of various messiah figures that existed over the span of several years could have ended up in the Jesus narrative. Had this person been fully fabricated, I would think they would have done a better job of it. The Jesus story, his nature (human, son of god, or god himself) and what he taught are too contradictory. And, the OT prophesies supposedly about him are too obscure or downright wrong. I would think they would have tailor fit his life's story to fit them better. But, in the end--what does it matter? If a person did exist--he was a human--he was NOT a god in the flesh and his miracles are fabrications. And, if he didn't exist--well, we get the same result. So, here is my take: 1) a messiah figure who was crucified (as were many) named Jesus probably existed but was not well known outside of his circle so as to be noticed by historians of the time 2) Jesus the attention drawing, miracle working, born of a virgin, son of god, actually god himself...never existed.


As much as I don't care about Santa Claus either, I'm sick to death of religion and having to keep seeing people obsess over it or his or any other name connected with it. Why can't people get what this site is actually about, living without any of that? If you're still on the fence about it or can't stop talking about it, go play elsewhere... this is supposed to be one place we don't have to deal with it. It's more than annoying. I don't come into your house and play my music or change your TV station!

It is apparently how this site works. I think it would be boring otherwise. Good luck in finding a site where all is of the same mind. Great minds do not think alike. They are too complex.

@MrDMC There's nothing complex about it. I don't believe in gods or spirits and this site is the closest thing to saying I don't have to, and is specific enough in the title of the site, wherein most people are atheist but because it's so hard to get completely away from people who can't just make up their minds already, they call it agnostic. I don't care to be great about it, just enough already. It's just one simple idea that's good enough for me and most of us here. The only reason most people don't object to the constant obsessing over Jesus is because they're very polite, but that just leaves the door open to the Jesus people. They'll even be sneaky about it and pose questions like the one above "Was he real?" as though it's a high mined, intellectual conversation that hasn't had enough discussion. (Actually some of the replies here are interesting though). I just don't care to discuss it and want to have access to one place where it's okay to say that and not have to see it discussed; enough is enough. Stop with it, please!

@AlbertSchepis Your only chance is to start a group of nihilistic atheists only.


Why would I waste my time on such a question? Maybe you could contemplate this: "ice cream has no bones"? Just about as relevant to my life, and everybody else's......

Thank you !

You just wasted you time on such a question.

@MrDMC oh, sweetie, stirring up the anthill is my chosen hobby!

@AnneWimsey Be aware of the army ants.

@MrDMC I 9nce lived in southern Alabama, where houses with severely infested yards got condemned......


Jesus was a nice Jewish boy: he lived with his mom until 30, went into his father's profession, and his mother went around telling everyone he was God's gift.


Sure he existed. But after they sealed him in the cave dinosaurs ate him.


I've read research and accounts from archeaologists that state there is no contemporary evidence of jesus.... that this yeshua character was not talked or written about until 30 years after his supposed crucifiction... you would think there would be some written accounts about a man performing miracles, the way there was written accounts of aristotle, but yet nope.

Pinnochio also has no contemporaries. Essenes escaping from Roman surge against revolutionaries dabbled in messianic aramaic gibberish while starving in mountain caves....Both Greeks and Roman's were constantly spewing gawds in and out of temples and soldiers fearsome shit who to die for


Many documentaries showing the real possibility a real person existed but not the other


Too many similarities to other prophets and mythologies not to be a composite and worked into a story that allows the governments (or the people with money influencing the government) to make the followers of the religion blindly fall into line, without thinking too much.

Most Christians haven't even read the bible, and those who have actually needed bible study classes to learn what to make of the stories. A religion that needs to be explained to the brain to that extent isn't teaching folks right from wrong, but how give up thinking for oneself and instead just follow what the church leaders say.

There aren't any historical accounts that name this Jesus, which lends to the idea he was simply made up by the writers of the gospels, each who have differing accounts.

Caesar's Messiah by Joseph Atwill offers some food for thought. []

@Antifred Pretty sure none of the gospels are thought to be eye witness accounts. The consensus seems to be that the gospels were written long after any of the disciples of Jesus would have been dead.

Perhaps they were recollections of what was told and repeated to descendants or followers spread out to other regions, so stories could easily have been remembered differently of a real person, or maybe they are recollections of stories that were made up of a fictitious person, or a little of both.

Since the biblical references to a Jesus were written so long after the time when Jesus is said to have lived, of course they might not be all that accurate, and perhaps mixed with fiction.

We’ve all heard stories of characters, perhaps partly truth and partly fiction, real people who have become folklore legends, with tall tales told about them... In America, Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, etc.

Here in Hawaii, real history about great leaders, along with mythological characters, gods, goddesses and demi-gods (half human/half animal) were recorded by chants, memorized to be shared and passed down through the generations. The chanters prided themselves in getting each line right from memory (nothing was written down) and that was how the history as well as mythology was preserved.

There were chants and stories told about real people who interacted with entities which were given human-like qualities. You may have heard of Pele, goddess of fire and volcano, with many stories as well as interactions with real people. So, the mythology is sometimes mixed with history.

For the stories of Jesus, I’m guessing there may have been a real person, but he was mythologized and inserted conveniently into the new religion, given a virgin birth, miracles to have performed, etc.

I don't really care whether he was real or not, or real but embellished for the new testament, but I can't really believe the whole story. Plus, the things he is said to have taught his followers, don’t seem to be what is taught in church nowadays, anyway. It doesn't matter to me.


Come on....alleged vaginal virgin births alleged baby gawd in dirty donkey stable every December 25th ?????


The whole story was made up from other older origin stories.

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