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Looks like this year, I have beaten the raccoons to my harvest. Maybe the Claymores had something to do with it.....

242Foxtrot 8 Aug 13

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I have thought about the paintball grenades with a piano wire as a trip.


I'm not growing any corn this year but my allotment neighbour is. I love the way corn grows. I may have watched too many horror films as a kid but I just love the noise it makes in a breeze.


I think you need to worry about the two legged coons worse (no not a racist implication).


Well done 😀 ...ever eat it raw?

Varn Level 8 Aug 13, 2019

@Byrdsfan ..they know what’s good 🙂 If it’s a ‘super-sweet hi-bread,’ and not simply ‘field corn,’ it’s delicious tender & raw.. Asparagus, too ~

@Varn yes! and also young green beans and okra!


Nice looking crop!


I just had rabbits eating everything in my garden, until I put a fence up.

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