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DC MD VA peeps. Happy hour get together posted in our group.

ArtzyNerd 7 Aug 13

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Awesome menu and Ethiopian story.....but 500+ dollar parties are not explained in any detail....

@ArtzyNerd I read the entire menu and all is very reasonable prices well explained EXCEPT THE HIGH price parties way way down the website scroll menu

@ArtzyNerd 5 dollars for beer and fries sounds great ....hope lots of Atheists make it for happy hour....I was hoping you knew more about the "parties" listed on the very bottom of the menu

@ArtzyNerd good choice ...I had Ethiopian food in Rochester NY and elsewhere....delightfully different from Applebees Houlihans TgIF etc


Can you please post the link to the group?

@ArtzyNerd I know that. That is what I am trying to find - The Group

@ArtzyNerd Found it and joined. Sorry. I was confused because the groups are not alphabetically listed. But is now done. Thank you.

@St-Sinner you a politician? Your evasion skills are leet😀

@JacobMeyers Ha.. ha.. No, I just made an honest mistake. My apology.

@ArtzyNerd What is wrong with having others from outside your designate areas join in?
Sounds pretty parochial the way you are setting it up.

We want to know what you are doing ! 🙂


Wish something like that could happen in the Des Moines area on here, but we don't even have the critical mass to try it.

Des Moines has enough population density moreso than Silver Spring Maryland but DSM household income is half that inside the beltway.....people vote from pocket books not churches everyday EXCEPT election days

Over 800 Atheists attended the 2011 AANC hundreds more than most years since 1970.....Iowa has the nations highest literacy rate. We Atheists read in critical mass. But Iowa household income is pitifully low due to anti union laws and Rethuglican Party domination of public policies that do NOT attract high wage job new companies outside the agricultural sector. Thus Atheists leave Iowa for better jobs.

@GreenAtheist Your two comments sure explain a lot of what I see in my area as far as a lack of non-believers to hang with or date. Now I really feel doomed to being alone.

@TomMcGiverin don't give up Tom....Atheists born in Iowa come back home for many reasons after careers elsewhere....we just need to keep searching....I think Atheist women our age are more likely to come out of their closets to double date....they will feel safer with a friend along and any two Atheist pals are bound to be on their best behavior losing any old culture imprintings

@GreenAtheist In talking with other non-believers in the Des Moines area, there appear to be two reasons that non-believers move to Iowa. One is the lower cost of living compared to living on the coasts, thus, even with lower pay, a professional living here can have a higher standard of living than on the coasts. The other reason is, at our age, is that they come here to be around family, either frail parents or younger adult kids and grandkids. Those cases represent our opportunity at dating, at least in our age group.

@TomMcGiverin 73 colleges/universities are recruiting intelligentsia therefore Atheists from out of state ....I will never minimize Iowa literacy....the task at hand is not to fear failure but our task is to invite those aging Atheists out of their un-necessary closets.....being a single lonely tacit Atheist is self imposed keeping us open Atheist neighbors crying in our beer needlessly....hope is more attractive than unhappiness....people love winners persistent like Atheist Lincoln in the White House

Shit, I'm the only member in my area on the site/group for well over 300 miles around.


Damn. Five years too late for me. Have fun!

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