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I found this on facebook and found it hilarious and needing to be shared 😉

demifeministgal 8 Aug 14

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"He woke from his sleep, alarmed, needing to pee immediately. His once firm pecs sagging under the sheets he got on sale at Ross Dress for Less. He rose, stumbled toward the bathroom with his morning woody poking his underwear out tent-like, small tent-like. Maybe pup tent-like. (you get the picture), his balls showing out from under his loose underwear..." Reality is less visual.


Oh oh


Sure that's not a kielbasa? 😀

I preferred they didn't call it a kielbasa it'd make me think of polish guys yughh (it's okay they are "my people" )

@demifeministgal I've seen Romance authors riffing on this topic - it's side splitting. So very many descriptors and word substitutions.
Someone needs to write these novels just for comic effect.

@RavenCT you mean write a novel like this post was written to make a point?? By the way have you ever heard of the facebook page Man who has it all?? It is a satirical page I think you would enjoy 🙂

@demifeministgal I will look now!

And yes totally humor driven. It would sell.


LOL! bratwurst bouncing bouncily in a hammock in a hurricane... 🤔😂

I promise to never reduce feminine beauty to gym equipment or automotive lubricants

@GreenAtheist thank goodness!

@Donna_I I learned FEMINISM and Atheism by negative dad was pentacostal and watched Miss AMERICA every year with 2 words: " classy chassis " and he watched Billy Graham and Jimmy Swaggart
....I equate them with terrorists provoking nuke war with CCCP

@GreenAtheist I am glad you were able to take your father's sentiments as negative! In a similar vane I can honestly say I shall never use the sentances of the original post again.

@Donna_I I am still laughing....your post is wonderfully funny....better than us sailors called "swinging richards" marched around in skivies inside our barracks by our company commander

@GreenAtheist ah the military and their odd - I am hoping here - traditions. 🙂

@Donna_I it is getting better ...that was 47 years ago for me

@GreenAtheist I never served in the military but have heard stories from my father, uncles, brothers, and sister. Some were pretty wild!

@Donna_I Some vets vent and cope readjusting to normal life others are stuck PTSr....hypervigilant....emotionless....still ready to KILL A COMMIE FOR MOMMY......survivors guilt....they feel deviating from war talk betrays the memory of dead for male entitlement, I think you'll find TrumpOLINI voters are proud of the PussyGrabber in White House....25 million veterans did NOT vote for BILLARY....I voted twice as many voted for stoned Governor Johnson of New Mexico....the other 23 million voted TrumpOLINI


Good job merging George Carlin and Jacqueline Suzanne


Yeah, they all have certain insecurities.

Not about insecurities about needlessly sexualizing a man's movements as he does mundane tasks like get out of bed and go to the washroom


I thought at first that was E. L. James, but then I realised's too good.



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