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Bowling anyone? I love to bowl and have been bowling since I was about 8. Our local alley closed several years ago and though I looked in Tulsa for a bowling alley I liked and was not outrageously expensive but it was not happening.

So I finally found a place about as far away as Tulsa is from me but way nicer and less expensive. I've been taking my grandkids there every week this summer and finally decided to join a senior league there yesterday.

I needed a new ball and shoes so I picked these out. The ball came last week and my shoes just came today. My average is only about 140 but I enjoy it so much.

Who here likes to bowl?

NoPlanetB 8 Aug 15

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I enjoy it. I don't go to often, as I rarely find a good ball at the alley to use, in my area.
I will one day buy one. One day. I keep saying that....

twill Level 7 Aug 17, 2019

@Ms_McSteven True dat. But the funny thing is, we went bowling in Traverse City last winter, and there were several balls that fit me perfectly. I did very well!


Not since I was a kid

bobwjr Level 10 Aug 16, 2019

I went bowling this past weekend.

It's fun, but I forgot just how bad I am at it. So many gutter balls.


Haven't been in ages, but I like to. My grandfather was a pro bowler and that's how he made his living. Was even in some sort of hall of fame for it.. but he had trouble teaching me since I am left handed. He rolled perfect games on a consistent basis, my best was 280 something.


You do understand that a high handicap is a Huge advantage to your team, right? You have one good night, you rocket them up, up, up in the standings!

@NoPlanetB that's what I said, you have an extra-good high score, plus they add in your usual handicap #'s and your team rockets up in the highest average was 128, when I bowled 160 one night, it clinched us a trophy!


Have not bowled in years. I was more of a darts and billiards fan but have not played either for quiet a while. Pretty popular in Wisconsin, almost every city has lanes. Have one right in town.


I like to bowl, but I am just rubbish at it. I need those side things to be up all the time or my ball will be in there.

@NoPlanetB I think what matters is that you enjoy it, no matter if you win or not.

@NoPlanetB Maybe you need to take her aside and say; Remember the other day you asked me about minding you being the team captain? Are you ready for my answer? And see how she likes them apples.

@NoPlanetB The think is that you should say to her that you really would like someone else in the job and tell her who. Not you.


I do! I haven't done it much in the past few years, hut was active years ago. Now I have just retired, so more time to do stuff.

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