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Ok, I have an Internet date for tomorrow night. These first dates are always a bit nervous!
P.S. - She informed me last night that we have met before. She was at a friend's party last year and we met!

Philistrate 5 Aug 15

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I hope you treated her nice in your previous meeting. Maybe you blew her off and she is out for revenge! I have probably just been watching too much TV. Never mind.

LOL...I don't remember much about her really. I always treat people well so no worries there! Unless she voted for Trump!!


I'm a little confused on your terminology. When you say "Internet date" do you mean actually meeting in person (that's just called a date) or meeting online using a chatroom or a social media?

Either way. Good luck and hope you have a great time!


That probably means she is not a point to the good! Mazeltov!

Yes, apparently she is a friend of a friend. I kind of remember meeting her, but don't remember much about her.


Don't waste time trying to offer what you don't have. You're at your best when you are yourself. Keep your head high, relax, display a positive, serene and playful attitude. Enjoy yourself. Just let the universe decide what happens next and live to tell the tale!


Just remember to get that spinach from between your teeth.... You'll do well.

thank goodness I don't eat spinach!


Yeah full of expectation

bobwjr Level 10 Aug 16, 2019

The quickest and best way to ruin the good and fun times is to load them up with expectations in advance.

Most often, I don't recognize the man I'm meeting. Here's what usually happens:

I arrive early at a cafe' for a first meeting, dressed nicely to honor the occasion.

"Kathleen!" I hear. Turning, I recognize no one. My "hot date" has suddenly gained 50 lbs and aged 10 years. He posted old photos and lied about his age. Immediately I see him as a liar.

Studies show with online dating, 80% of people post old photos, and lie about their age, weight, activities, fitness, income, height or marital status, etc.

Not even old photos anymore... now there is so much photoshopping and editing of images being done that you meet someone who looked waaay better in his professionally edited/taken pic than IRL xD

When someone is lying to get a date, when he tries to offer what he doesn't have (youth, physique, income,etc), that's a waste of time for both persons.


Enjoy the experience, embrace the nerves. It's what makes the jingle jangle.


Be sure to have fun and relax... if it leads nowhere at least y'all can enjoy your time out... if you have not dated in awhile no worries it is like riding a bike... you don't forget how to do it 😉

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