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I just realized I only have my best friend...literally 💔

MayRebel 5 Mar 17

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I hardly have any friends many did not like my newly found atheism. One of the only ones I have left is a deist, and I guess my brother too (also an atheist).


I have zero friends, what do I expect from a society that teaches it's people that anyone who does not live in their next two neighborhoods is their enemy who is roaming to hurt them?


When it comes to friendships, quality is better than quantity...


😟 Your story is so common these days. Is there some activity that appeals to you that you could immerse yourself in? That can open doors.
20s used to be such an easy to make friends age period but society seems to have changed so much it's unrecognizable to me, watching my girl navigate this age. I did have "dry" social periods in my 20s too though. I found solace in painting and just filling my head with classic reads and enriching myself. It was still lonely but thankfully gaming wasn't so much a thing then. I think a lot of young people are going to regret how much time they waste on gaming.

If you're finding yourself with a lot of free time use it to your advantage now because it may not always be so open to pursue interests later on.

My best friend and I hang out alot and we are gonna start joining groups and getting out in the public to start making change


I only have one friend also well sort of two. My tolerance level for hanging out with people during my free time keeps dwindling


I have acqaintances. No male friends as such, lots of kids I looked after when they were young are now grown and I see them often, but tehy are more like children to me. I have some female friends, only a couploe are still close, people drift apart. I was never very good at making friends.


Sometimes, starting from scratch can be good. I was in quite a rut before I moved to a new state and restarted my social life. It sucks for a bit, but you may find yourself in the company of like-minded people, instead of the people who had just been nearby.


I have no one, sometimes the people in your environment will pull you in a direction that's not worth taking. Be discerning with your company it's better to be a hermit in many cases. Especially as athiest tends to think differently to our fellow beings, why they say we're like cats.

You are part of community here, JoelLovell. 🙂


Some folks don't have that. I have had my best friend for over 50 years. I treasure that friendship.


In reality you only ever have a couple of really good friends and even they can change. you can't even choose your family. I only talk to my mother out of any of them and thats partly because I feel obliged too. most so called friends are fake and only with you because it suits them at the time. don't worry, after giving up religion you have just realised this is all. don't get upset but realise that is the case generally. you will get more aquantances and maybe a few good friends again as your still young and you will now naturally migrate to other people with the same beliefs hence being here.


Not everyone has a bunch of friends, however you can broaden your social circle. Check You my find people who share your interests that way. Take some classes. Get involved politically. I made some friends through a Humanist organization in my area that I found through I tend to be an introvert. I have a few friends, my kids (who are all older than you are), several coworkers who I chat with, and.... and.... and.... this group!! But for face to face contact, I got my nails done today and picked up lunch at a drive through and did some shopping. Wow, what an exciting day!

Strong second. I've had great experiences with If you can find a group that shares your interests, friendship won't be a scarce resource!


If you write your profile and answer the profile questions people can get to know you better, and you'll earn points!

Not sure what you're talking about, but sounds like you have a good friend.

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